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The Perfect Match (2017)

1 hr. 10 min.

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### About Series "The Perfect Match (2017)"

What do netizens know? Ting En is a famous chef whose gourmet restaurant is a destination for food lovers from all over the world. When Ting En happened to receive comments on the Internet from people who couldn't afford to eat at his high-priced restaurant, they got him thinking. Netizens say that Fen Qing's culinary creations at the night market are just as satisfying as Ting En's Michelin-awarded food. Determined to debunk those absurd claims, Ting En goes to the night market to find Fen Qing and show her what her true culinary talent really is. Whose cuisine will reign supreme?

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The Perfect Match (2017) also known as: Yes! Nu Wang, Yes Woman, YES!女王, Yes! Queen

Drama: The Perfect Match

Country: Taiwan

Episodes: 22

Aired: March 3, 2017 - July 28, 2017

Main Actors:

Ivy Shao as Wei Fen Qing

Chris Wu as Huo Ting En

Ben Wu as Meng Shao Wei

Suan Wang as Meng Ru Xi / "Gina"

Nylon Chen as Huo Tian Zhi

Lawrence Liu as Peng Xiao Bin

Stanley Mei as Chen Jin Wang

Hsieh Li Chin as Yu Jie

Richard Rim as Brian

Suan Chen as Zhen Zhen

Well Zhung as Wei Cheng Yang

Sophia Li as Yang Yu Qing

Waiting Kao as Pai Gu Shu

Kelly Mi as Xiao Hai Wei

Jenny Huang as Huo Ting Li

Lung Shao Hua as Jung Fu Hsiung

Director Actors:

Luo An De

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This is not my first time watching a Taiwanese drama so I am quite familiar with the actors and actresses in this series. I don't know them by name but I'm pretty sure I've seen some of them somewhere????. The chemistry between the two main characters is undeniably perfect, cute and charming. All the characters gave justice to their roles. I believe you will agree with me if I say that having the right person play a particular role makes the whole production good. Good isn't the best because it's just a recipe for a good movie or series.

Acting skills:

(Rate: 9/10)

Overall, the performance was great. Given the fact that the series is a romantic comedy, the flaws and flaws are all forgivable. There are scenes where the characters laugh as if they are not recording, which makes the scene super realistic. Am I referring to one of the scenes where the Marquis Family has their "family meeting"? Hehehe sorry for the terminology.

Cinematography / Editing / Music:

(Rate: 7/10)

I gave that review because of some error/confusion/lapse or whatever. There are some edited scenes that are not done properly. For example, there is a scene where a flashback is played interspersed with the present. Flashbacks have been rendered in black and white and there is one case where the current scene is also rendered in black and white ????. Music ???? , specific background music was cut without warning before another mood hit, you will understand what I am saying if you are quite observant about the background music because I quite like that. Can you also distinguish if a particular scene is using a computer???? Effect. BUT those mistakes are very forgivable. WHY? Firstly because again the series is a romantic comedy. Second because this series consists of 22 episodes with a viewing time of nearly 1 hour each. Roughly a day? and one night???? see if you've been watching continuously, so think about the number of days spent filming, editing, and polishing this series. Understood?

Plot / Plot:

(Rate: 15/10)

Sorry for the review, it's just that I absolutely loved the way the story unfolded and ended. Plot, twists, and conflicts. The story is pretty predictable because it's clearly not the first series I've seen. But it's just too perfect for me.


  1. How to valuate SPECIAL FAMILY RELATIONSHIPS. Bloodline family or not.
  2. How simple MISUNDERSTANDINGS can be is that a rock will get heavier and heavier over time.
  3. How important is LOVE. Whether it's unrequited love, brotherly love, heterosexual love, a parent's love for their child. All kinds of love.

Overall, I would rate this series 9.8/10. It's not perfect but perfection wasn't what I was looking for but entertainment and this series gave me that. I was entertained, super duper was entertained. You must see it.

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