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Narcos Season 3

43–60 minutes

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ABOUT Narcos Season 3

Narcos is a historical fiction web television series produced by Dynamo Producciones and Gaumon International Television for Netflix. Created by Americans Chris Brancato, Eric Newman and Carlo Bernard; and based on the fight against drug trafficking in Colombia during the 1990s. It stars Pedro Pascal, Boyd Holbrook, Wagner Moura and Juan Pablo Raba.

The first two seasons are two agents of the US DEA and their main target, the leader of the Medellín Cartel, Pablo Escobar.1 The third season focuses on the offensive against Escobar's rival organization, the Cali Cartel. A season was announced to premiere from 2018, which would be shot in Mexico to deal with the Juarez Cartel, but they rejected the idea and decided to make way for a new series under the title Narcos: Mexico.

It originally aired on Netflix on August 28, 2015 and each season consists of ten episodes.

Narcos Season 3 synopsis

Based on the emergence of cocaine trafficking from Colombia during the eighties. The story begins with Mateo Moreno alias Cucaracha, a cocaine manufacturer who left Chile during the Pinochet dictatorship. Cucaracha looking for a partner meets with the main character of the series, Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria, who in the beginning of the story is a recognized merchandise trafficker in the Colombian department of Antioquia. He and his cousin Gustavo Gaviria have achieved a reputation within the city of Medellín. With this new product in their hands they begin to create enormous wealth, they are also associated with the main traffickers of other Colombian merchandise. The story also touches passages on how the drug is produced and marketed to the United States using one of the main contacts Carlos Lehder.

The story is told in many moments from the perspective of DEA agent Steve Murphy, an American sent to Colombia to investigate cocaine trafficking with the aim of collaborating in the arrest of the main actors in the trafficking. His participation, as well as that of agent Javier Peña, is relevant, but undoubtedly history, being an American, puts these two agents in the foreground, and leaves the Search Block in the background. Narcos is a police series that reconstructs an era, as it shows Colombian (and partly American) social and political passages, as well as cars, changing rooms, etc. On the basis of his general setting, he describes Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria in a close and biographical way. He touches family and personal facets, as well as his excesses. It is not a typically crude and violent series like the life of the capo. It is narrated in English but for the most part the dialogues are in Spanish, with a typical Colombian accent.3 The series was filmed on location in Colombia in the second half of 2014, and consists of ten episodes premiered in their entirety on August 28 from 2015.4

The fourth season of the series will be set in Mexico and starring Diego Luna and Michael Peña. Its premiere was expected for the summer of 20185 but it will finally be released on November 16 of that same year.

Narcos Season 3 CAST

Wagner Moura • Boyd Holbrook • Pedro Pascal • Joanna Christie • Maurice Compte • André Mattos

Narcos Season 3 IS WORTH TO WATCH

There isn't a single person on the planet who hasn't heard of this film. The cast also does an excellent job in their parts. Before you read this review and before I give you any spoilers about the plot, I strongly advise you to watch the film. The plot is well-crafted, the pacing is excellent, and all of the performers provide outstanding performances. Because of how excellent it was, it film stands out in my mind. Maybe it's because I wasn't expecting it. I strongly advise everyone to watch this film; you will not be disappointed.

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