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Miss Hammurabi (2018)

1 hr. 20 min.

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### About Series "Miss Hammurabi (2018)"

Park Cha Oh Reum is a newly appointed judge who was appointed to the 44th Internal Affairs Bureau in the Seoul Central District. She is always on the lookout for injustice and can empathize deeply with others. Compared to her, Im Ba Reun is a man of cold principles with a 'Equal Court for All' creed, and he is not satisfied with junior judge Park Cha Oh Reum, who is too understanding. feeling when adjudicating cases.

Miss Hammurabi Also Known As: Miseu Hammurabi , Ms. Hammurabi

Drama: Miss Hammurabi

Country: South Korea

Episodes: 16

Aired: May 21, 2018 - Jul 16, 2018

Main Actors:

Go Ah Ra as Park Cha Oh Reum

Kim Myung Soo as Im Ba Reun

Sung Dong Il as Chief Judge Han Se Sang

Ryu Deok Hwan as Jung Bo Wang

Lee Elijah as Lee Do Yeon

Lee Tae Sung as Min Yong Joon

Cha Soo Yeon as Hong Eun Ji

Kim Young Ok as [Park Cha Oh Reum's grandmother]

Go In Beom as [Im Ba Reun's father]

Park Soon Chun as [Im Ba Reun's Mother]

Ahn Nae Sang as [Chief presiding judge]

Kim Hong Pa as Chief Justice

Lee Kan Hee as [Park Cha Oh Reum's Mother]

Kim Jeong Hak as Senior Judge Kwon

Jeon Jin Ki as Head Judge Kam

Yeom Ji Young as Asstistant clerk Yoon Ji Young

Director Actors:

Kwak Jung Hwan

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This drama.. Ohhh boy.. It is very good. It talks about things and topics that needs more attention. In this drama there were enough of serious and comedic scenes non of them overpowered each other, what made the watching more enjoyable.

Story: I liked how the story doesn’t have focus on romance but to the problems that any person can live through in their lives.

Characters: I loved the fact that L finally got a main role in this drama and he proved his talent in acting. He had to play a serious and close- hearted character whom he did great! He was so cute that sometimes my UWU screamed so loud that I was even surprised. Go Ah Ra’s character was the reason I fell in love with this drama. And how later on in drama her past was told and what she did go through as a teen. Chemistry between characters was good too. How everyone tried to understand and help each other. What I appreciated was the fact that Im Ba Reun confessing his feelings to Par Cho Oh Reum didn’t make things awkward between the characters, but let them understand the situation that is happening and bordering the characters. Second lead character relationship was adorable too. How they interacted to each other. I felt attached to every character in this drama.

Music: OST was REALLY good. It didn't bother to stay focused on the scenes, but it felt more like the music completed them. It gave the right feeling to the scenes.

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