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High Class (2021) Episode 8


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High Class (2021) Episode 8 Review

High Class (2021) Information

  • Drama: High Class
  • Revised romanization: High Class
  • Hangul: 하이클래스
  • Director: Ashbun
  • Writer: Hyun Jung
  • Network: tvN
  • Episodes: 16
  • Release Date: September 6 - October 26, 2021
  • Runtime: Monday & Tuesday 22:30
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea
  • "High Class" takes over tvN's Monday & Tuesday 22:30 time slot previously occupied by "You Are My Spring.”

    High Class (2021) Plot

    A mystery suspense drama about the dangerous lies and hypocrisies hidden behind the perfect lives of the women who live in the top 0.1 percent of society. Danny Oh (Ha-Joon) used to be a promising ice hockey player, but he got injured. He then quit ice hockey. Now, he begins work as a teacher at a prestigious international school in Jeju island. Due to handsome teacher Danny Oh, women at the school, including female teachers, students’ mothers, and female students make a fuss. Yet, Danny Oh is a mysterious person who hides secret.

Song Yeo Wool, who loses everything when she is framed for her husband’s murder. Nam Ji Sun, the “queen bee” among the mothers at the international school where Song Yeo Wool’s son attends. Danny Oh, a teacher at the school and a former ice hockey player. Hwang Na Yoon, a single mother who is the only one who is friendly to Song Yeo Wool. Cha Do Young, a former top actress who follows Nam Ji Sun around because she wants to be back in the spotlight.

Thoughts on High Class (2021)

"Currently on ep 4 and I can already tell that An Ji yong was a secret lover for the 4 ladies, and their kids are indeed from him so they’ve been tricked by this dude. Jun hee’s mom is really sus when it comes to an ji yong and she obviously had her son from him. Jae in’s mom is a hypocrite, she wants to kill yeo wool just because she thinks she killed her husband An ji yong, jae in is his daughter as well. Cha do young the actress also might’ve been having an affair with him she already admitted that any guy would love to have an affair with someone like her, she keeps lying and she’s really good at hiding secrets"

"I dont know but i feel the main lead/yeo wol is too innocent/stupid as a lawyer. Really? You don know whats going on? I mean its terrible to see how the main lead is too calm in every situation like gurl theyre bullying you, what r u thinking lol"

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