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When it comes to SEVENTEEN - one of the trending KPOP groups in recent times, people often think of top-notch performances, well-invested and elaborate choreography, besides, many people will think right to Going SEVENTEEN with diverse and rich content.

Many CARATs said that they fell for SEVENTEEN initially not because of their music, or the group's performance, but because of Going SEVENTEEN - an actual content of the guys.

Going SEVENTEEN is a reality show of the group SEVENTEEN that started in 2017. The program is behind the scenes footage, travel, entertainment activities and relaxation after practice and touring. After a period of broadcasting, the program received a lot of attention from fans and non-fans alike. Realizing that the program is attracting more and more attention, in 2019, the boys began to upgrade the program with new and more methodical content.

The group composed the opening song and ending song together for the show, planned and recorded the video for the show's opening. Not stopping there, 13 boys took turns hosting each episode to come up with a theme and have fun together.

The program was originally just videos of chatting with each other, having fun together, SEVENTEEN has upgraded the program to a new level, invested in a more script, more professional editing and most importantly, a good combination. members' ideas and thoughts.

Recently, Going SEVENTEEN has gained a lot of buzz and attracted a lot of followers with increasingly diverse content and many episodes invested as a detective drama, or as an adventure.

One of the factors that makes the show more and more popular is the charming humor of the members, natural conversations, humor and "love". The boys also did not forget to show their ability to immerse themselves in the character with episodes that required immersion into the context.

Each episode has a different content, but the main purpose of the program is still to create an opportunity for the members to chat and have fun together, as well as bring a lot of laughter to CARAT and viewers. Regardless of the content or the challenge, the boys always put fun and safety first.

Going SEVENTEEN - a reality show that is released every Monday night on the YouTube channel SEVENTEEN - has become the spiritual food of CARAT as well as many non-fans, as the show makes viewers laugh with scenes " comedy can't pick up the mouth", this is also an opportunity for everyone to see more clearly the group's flawless visual.

The program became so popular that besides CARAT - SEVENTEEN's official fanclub, a new fandom of the group was created called CUBIC. This is a fandom for non-fans who come to SEVENTEEN through Going SEVENTEEN, aimed at those who are not SEVENTEEN fans but love Going SEVENTEEN. And from CUBIC to CARAT is only 1 step apart.

Many people have confessed that, before they were CUBIC, after learning more about the group, they became "genuine" CARATs. They were drawn to the group's charm and humor, which was different from the group's stage image.

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