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Go Go Squid! (Chinese: 亲爱的) is a Chinese e-sport romance comedy television series directed by Li Qingrong and Xiang Xujing. The series was first aired in 2019, starring Yang Zi and Li Xian. It was an adaptation of Mo Bao Fei Bao's novel "Honey Stewed Squid."

A cute romance between an adorable singer falling in love with a guy she's too scared to approach. He is a genius in computer engineering and a legend in the professional gaming world.

When Han Shang Yan stopped walking into an internet cafe, it was late at night. While helping his cousin with the shop, Tong Nian caught a glimpse of Han Shang Yan and immediately fell in love with him. She is usually brave, direct and has tens of thousands of followers thanks to cover singing online, but she fumbles whenever she meets him.

She's used to interviews, but can't even utter a single word while talking to him. He's cold, hard to approach, and not the kind of guy that girls are interested in, but Tong Nian's unique personality and the way she persisted in getting close to him began to grab his attention that.

Tong Nian, an intelligent schoolgirl, meets Han Shang Yan, a passionate young man who has dedicated his life to winning world championships for China. Although Han has a deep sense of responsibility for his teammates, he has difficulty communicating and expressing his feelings. With Tong's understanding and support, Han gradually began to open up to his brothers and family members. Both support and encourage each other as they work together towards their dream of winning the championship. Along the way, they also push others to follow their dreams. Throughout the series, Tong and Han demonstrate a relentless belief in their country, which is often understood as the patriotic power of contemporary young people.

Main Actors:

Tong Nian (Baby Squid) portrayed by Yang Zi.

Tong Nian is a talented computer science major who is also a popular online singer. She is described as optimistic, cheerful, soft, and cute. She is also very obedient, attentive, and sensible. She attends the youth class at university and has the same high IQ as the male lead Han Shang Yan. After she falls in love with Han Shang Yan at first sight, she chooses to take the initiative to pursue a relationship with him. Although Tong Nian loves Han Shang Yan a lot, she also continues to pursue her interests and friendships while building a relationship with him. She also pursues her dream of developing an AI-based software, as well as facial recognition programs for the police and medical programs for hospitals.

Han Shang Yan (Gun) portrayed by Li Xian.

Han Shang Yanis a computer genius and high-level e-sports idol. He was originally the only investor and main member of the Solo team. Has won more than ten international championships, including multiple personal world rankings, the most dominant player with two MVP. After exiting the team, he established the K & K club. His dream is to take the club's young players to attack the world champion of cybersecurity CTF competitions. Other than that, he has nothing else in his eyes. In the eyes of his teammates, he is "the boss who is not close to women".

Hu Yi Tian as Wu Bai / White / DT

Lee Hong Chi as Mi Shao Fei / Little Mi

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