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Go Ahead is a Chinese television series that is leading the ratings both on television and online in this country. The film portrays the lives of three brothers Tong Uy Long - as Lang Tieu, Truong Tan Thanh - as Ha Tu Thu and Dam Tung Van - as Ly Tiem. Although they do not have the same bloodline, the 3 brothers still deeply love and embrace each other in the home of two single fathers Ly Hai Trieu (wife died prematurely due to illness) and Lang Hoa Binh (divorced his wife). .

The film Taking The Name Of The Writer Director Dinh Tu Quang's work is set in China in the 1990s. Since the time of filming, the work has received a lot of attention and high popularity on the internet. . What this movie attracts most people is the main cast in the movie, each of them having a good appearance.

The Chinese media highly appreciated the main cast in the film, praising the acting ability of the trio of talented young actors Dam Tung Van, Truong Tan Thanh and Tong Uy Long from childish personality until mature in the movie.

Although the film is about to go half way, viewers can somewhat understand the content of the movie Taking the Name of Family, mainly talking about the events of a family, three children who are not related by blood to become family members. of each other under the care of two fathers. The three brothers of them grew up together as a young man, but later, because of problems arising from the inherent family of each child, they caused many obstacles in their psychology. Despite many events, those three children still got through it thanks to the support from family affection.

Main Actors

Seven Tan as Li Jianjian (李尖尖), is the only daughter in the house, pampered and cared for by her father and two brothers. She likes sweets, has talent in painting, personality that many people praise are optimistic, cheerful and has a kind heart.

Song Wei Long as Ling Xiao (凌霄), the oldest brother in the house with a cold personality, few words. As a child, Lang Tieu was depressed because of psychological obsession when he accidentally fed a choked walnut to his sister, causing her sister's death. After his mother left, he and his father lived with Ly Tiem's ​​family.

Zhang Xincheng as He Ziqiu (贺子秋), is a diligent and kind young brother. Since Tu Thu's birth, his mother and father, too poor, left him to let his grandmother go abroad to do business. Ly Hai Trieu, the subject of Tu Thu's mother's eyesight, was then asked to take care of her son. Tu Thu has always been reminded by everyone around him that he is a living person, so he has to work hard to help with the housework, yield to his sister.

Tu Songyan as Li Haichao (李海潮)

Zhang Xilin as Ling Heping (凌和平).

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