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Ginny And Georgia (2021)

50–58 minutes

Ginny And Georgia (2021) Cast

Ginny And Georgia (2021) Review

ABOUT Ginny And Georgia (2021)

Ginny & Georgia (starring as Ginny and Georgia) is an American drama streaming series created by Netflix original Sarah Lampert, the series premiered February 24, 2021

Ginny And Georgia (2021) synopsis

Ginny & Georgia follows Ginny Miller, a "15-year-old girl" who is more mature than "her 30-year-old mother Georgia in a New England town," where Georgia decided to settle down with her daughter, Ginny, and son Austin. , to give them a better life that she never had

Ginny And Georgia (2021) CAST

Brianne Howey • Antonia Gentry • Diesel La Torraca • Jennifer Robertson • Felix Mallard • Sara Waisglass • Scott Porter

Ginny And Georgia (2021) IS WORTH TO WATCH

There isn't a single person on the planet who hasn't heard of this film. The cast also does an excellent job in their parts. Before you read this review and before I give you any spoilers about the plot, I strongly advise you to watch the film. The plot is well-crafted, the pacing is excellent, and all of the performers provide outstanding performances. Because of how excellent it was, it film stands out in my mind. Maybe it's because I wasn't expecting it. I strongly advise everyone to watch this film; you will not be disappointed.

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