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The Story of Dong Yi - The Royal Palace Rises (2015)

Dong Yi is a story about the life of a popular girl becoming the motherland of Chosun, played by beautiful actress Han Hyo Joo, she has a very pure and cheerful smile. Ji Jin Hee as King Suk Jong: King of the Joseon Dynasty, who has majestic leadership, but a very pure heart full of affection. Dong Yi and King Suk Jong went through many events in history, and then she became the woman next to him. Han Hyo Joo as Choi Suk Bin (Dong Yi): a harem who will later become the concubine of King Suk Jong. She gave birth to the king a son, who would later be crowned King Joseon. Bae Soo Bin as Cha Chun Soo: a tough and muscular swordsman. He is a childhood friend with Dong Yi's brother after accepting his friend and taking care of his sister before his brother died. And of course, he took care of and loved Dong Yi for the rest of his life. Contributing in the film also has the indispensable participation of Asian prince Lee Kwang Soo with many funny details, making viewers unforgettable.


  • Han Hyo Joo as Choi Suk-bin (Dong Yi), from a lowly female investigator step by step to Tuc Tong's charisma. Dong Yi, intelligent, sided with Queen In Hyun to expose Jang Hee-bin's crimes.

  • Kim Yoo Jung as Dong Yi as a child.

  • Ji Jin Hee as Korean king Tuc Tong Lee Soon.

  • Lee So Yeon as Jang Hee-bin, who is an evil person, tries to harm In Hyun to win the throne and win the crown of Crown Prince for his son. After the ban died with poison.

  • Park Ha Sun as Queen In Hyun, has a gentle personality, but dies early.

  • Bae Soo Bin as Cha Chun Soo, Dong Yi's close brother (not related by blood), who later entered the palace as a domestic guard, always cares for and protects Dong Yi.

  • Jung Jin Young plays Seo Young Gi, the leader of the inner guard, many times side with Dong Yi, helping Dong Yi with many things.

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