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ABOUT THE SERIES "Don't Dare to Dream"

Don't Dare to Dream also known as Jealousy Incarnate (Korean: 질투의 화신), is a 2016 South Korean television series starring Gong Hyo-jin, Jo Jung-suk, Go Kyung-pyo, Lee Mi-sook, Park Ji-young, Lee Sung-jae and Seo Ji-hye.

"The weather curator, Pyo Na-ri (Gong Hyo-jin), and the news curator, Lee Hwa-shin (Jo Jung-suk), are longtime colleagues at the SBC broadcaster. Na-ri has a crush on Hwa-shin three years ago but everything changes when she meets the perfect man Go Jung-won (Go Kyung-pyo), the heir to the corporation and is a close friend of Hwa-shin.

Meanwhile, Sung-sook (Lee Mi-sook) and Ja-young (Park Ji-young), who are rivals in both love and career, are entangled with Kim Rak (Lee Sung-jae), a master. the restaurant and the owner of the building where Naomi lives.

Lee Hwa Shin is a handsome anchor with remarkable journalism talent, a well-off family and a commendable education. He's also a fierce competitor as one would find in the world of reporting, and is relentlessly chasing stories.

But fortunately, he also encountered another fierce competitor - meteorologist Pyo Na Ri. Pyo Na Ri does not have a resounding profile like her anchor partner, attended a third-class college and only has a temporary contract with the broadcast station. Although her ugly appearance hides an inner fire, Na Ri worked extremely hard to get to her place, even doing odd jobs like lifting barrels. Both the anchorman and the meteorologist now see each other as rivals in the race to become the station's most appreciated staff.

But what happens when two opponents fall in love? The series may be too much, even for one broadcaster".


  • Gong Hyo-jin as Pyo Na-ri

Na-ri is an optimistic play-off-a-time-by-a-course personality. Graduated from a third-class college with no money or relationships, Naomi is insecure, but continues to maintain and work only to keep her position at the station. She had a crush on Hwa-shin for 3 years.

  • Jo Jung-suk as Lee Hwa-shin

Hwa-shin is a famous reporter and broadcaster with a great family background and education. He has an exclusive, competitive, and masculine way; and jealous when Na-ri is with Jung-won when he begins to develop feelings for her.

  • Go Kyung-pyo as Go Jung-won

A man who is polite, friendly and serious when it comes to love. Jung-won is the boss of a publishing company and is the heir to the chaebol of a large conglomerate that manages some of the luxury brand clothing. He fell in love with Naomi at first sight.

  • Lee Mi-sook as Kye Sung-sook

A female reporter has become a new mine. The head of Jong-shin's wife and Ppal-gang's mother.

  • Park Ji-young as Bang Ja-young

Head of SBC radio and broadcaster. Second of Jong-shin.

  • Lee Sung-jae as Kim Rak

Chef and owner of a restaurant, as well as the host for Nari and her family. A kind and considerate man who cares about his tenant like his family.

  • Seo Ji-hye as Hong Hye-won

The daughter of the Chairman's senior secretary is in charge of the affairs and is the one given to the 7PM newsletter. She is smart and capable in her career. However, in her 29 years of life, she has not had a single challenge to face and she does not believe that everyone is equal, make her pretentious and have a magazine reputation.

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