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Autumn's Concerto (2009)

1 hr. 30 min.

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### About Series "Autumn's Concerto (2009)"

Ren Guang Xi, a complacent law student, seems to have a perfect life. He is the sole successor of a large and famous business and a talented ice hockey player. But in reality, his lonely life lacks joy, laughter and motivation. That is until he meets Liang Mu Cheng, the new bento seller at his school canteen. Although orphaned at a young age, Mu Cheng doesn't let her past affect her and lives her life with passion and determination. A harmless bet brings the two together and Guang Xi slowly changes as Mu Cheng teaches him how to give and love. Tragedy struck when Guang Xi suddenly had to undergo a major brain surgery that caused him to lose his memory. His mother begged Mu Cheng to leave him and later had no choice but to do so. She didn't know that she had Guang Xi's child.

Six years passed. Mu Cheng lives a quiet life with his young son in the countryside while Guang Xi is now a successful lawyer and engaged to He Yi Qian, a kind and beautiful doctor who took care of him after his surgery. surgery. A strangely familiar piano piece shakes Guang Xi's heart as he tries to recall his past romance with Mu Cheng. How will the couple make up for the lost six years? Happy, which stop do I step off?

Autumn's Concerto (2009) also Known As: Next Stop, Happiness , Xia Yi Zhan, Xing Fu

Drama: Autumn's Concerto

Country: Taiwan

Episodes: 34

Aired: Oct 4, 2009 - Feb 28, 2010

Main Actors:

Vanness Wu as Ren Guang Xi

Ady An as Liang Mu Cheng

Benny Wen as Liang Xiao Le / Ren Xiao Le

Chris Wu as Hua Tuo Ye

Tiffany Hsu as He Yi Qian / "Emily"

Mei Xiu Lin as Hua Tian Xi Shi

Akio Chen as Zhou Jin Cai

Renzo Liu as Lawyer Lin

Vickey Liu as Fang De Rong

Cao Xin Yue as Xiao Wu

Cheng Yu Chieh as Xu Fang Guo

Harry Chang sa Luo Jia Da

Richard Rim sa Hua Sheng Bin / Bin Zai

Harry Chang as Luo Jia Da

Alice Tseng as Zhang Ai Li

Joseph Hsia as Fang Ge

Director Actors:

Chen Wei Ling

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Autumn's Concerto (2009) is the perfect expression of what true love is and how it should be portrayed. Yes, comedies and romances are both good, and fun and exciting at the time, but this kind of love... maybe acting, but my goal is to have that kind of love, because because even I know such love. does exist, even if it doesn't.

This movie really hit everything for me. I'm going to try to keep my inner fangirl untouched, logical and realistic without giving away spoilers or anything, but it really has it all. There's a lot of plot twists in this story, and a lot of it doesn't sound like the original, but... they still work. I mean, come on, rich boys, poor girls famous, cancer, dementia, pregnancy... that's just the beginning. Like everything you've ever seen in a TV series is included in this one, and it WORKS. I know, I can't believe it. I cried so many times while watching this movie, it was definitely a tear. It's a beautiful story, one that will break your heart and you won't be able to stop thinking about it.

The acting is phenomenal, I think it's very underrated. Vaness Wu received a lot of harsh criticism for her 'over-acting' but I don't think there are that many. I really like his 'acting'. When he cried... oh. mine. God. I really believed that. He really looks like he's crying, and it really looks painful. I don't know how to say it... he looks like a man who will cry. As for Addy An, she received a lot of harsh criticism for her poor acting. I agree that she looks emotionless at times, but I think it has more to do with the script. Not only that, but I wouldn't say she acted. I could see it in her eyes, in her reaction, in everything she said. Her subtle demeanor and expression, that's what defines her personality. You need to pay attention to those things, her personality is not always so blatantly affected. Mu Cheng gets all my respect, even if she's fictional. For me, the acting is amazing, and let's not forget the little girl Xiao Le. God that kid grows up to be a superstar. His acting is absolutely perfect, especially for a child. He really pulls the story together throughout the second half. Some go as far as to say that the story just gets him together until the end, but I wouldn't go that far. With or without him, I'll keep watching, but he's a cute little guy. One day he will get so tired during filming that his father will have to stay on site. What a strong boy.

The romance and chemistry between Mu Cheng and Guan Xi is tangible. I can almost taste it, I can feel it. It's so beautiful, it touches my heart. I know this sounds cheesy and cliché, but really, you won't find pure love in a drama more than this. If I didn't know any better, I would assume that Vanes Wu and Addy An are in love. Chemistry just out of this world. In the end love really wins, that's what this movie taught me. I must say I learned a lot from it.

Also, the people you hate in this show you will gradually come to love. Along with the development of the main characters' personalities, the supporting characters also really develop. The side episodes in this show are just as interesting, and I find myself getting into them just as much as when I was the main couple/family.

The ending of this movie is my favorite. Not just the end for MC and GX but for everyone. The ending of this movie is also one of the reasons why this movie is number 1 for me. There is closure, above everything. No loose plot endings, all subplots tied, no questions asked, at least not for me. Everything is happy, I am really satisfied at the end. No worries, no complaints, just sadness that it's over. Bitter-sweet.

I won't lie and say that this is an easy movie to watch. There will be a lot of painful moments and heart-pounding scenes, but the good in the drama makes it to the top. Even if you hate someone you don't think you'll hate, you still understand what's going on and why they're doing what they're doing. Love never dies, and even in the film's toughest moments, they give you little moments to sip while you're waiting. It was a wonderful story, and I will forever love it and remember it. The music alone is beautiful, I've saved a few songs and listen to them often, even now. Actually, this is random but I have my opinion on shuffle and ironically, 'Next Stop, Happiness' just popped up. It's funny, must be a sign. (;

If you're looking for a fresh, pure love story with great acting, clear chemistry and every twist you can imagine, then this is for you! I will recommend this to anyone interested in TV series for the rest of my life, hah! Hope this helps everyone, sorry if I'm not as sensible and sensible as I had planned. As you can tell, I'm a fan. I have never watched a TV series more than this. Three times in the whole thing, not to mention the many times I just watched an episode here and there that I liked. We invite you to watch!

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