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Absolute Boyfriend/Zettai Kareshi

54 min.

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### About Series "Absolute Boyfriend (2008)"

Robot maker, Kronos Heaven, finally develops "Night Tenjo", the perfect male humanoid programmed to be devoted and completely loyal to his lover. The company chooses temp worker Izawa Riiko to take part in a 5-day free trial. At first, Riiko only sees Night as a household appliance. But when she finds out how deep Night's devotion to herself is, Riiko finds herself falling in love with him. Joining the love triangle is Asamoto Soshi, a distinguished young executive at her company who has feelings for her.

Absolute Boyfriend began on 2008-April and finished 2008-June.

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Absolute Boyfriend also known as: Zettai Kareshi , 絶対彼氏 〜完全無欠の恋人ロボット〜 , Absolute Boyfriend ~ A Perfect Robot

Drama: Absolute Boyfriend

Country: Japan

Episodes: 11

Aired: Apr 15, 2008 - Jun 24, 2008

Main Actors:

Hayami Mokomichi as Night Tenjo

Aibu Saki as Izawa Riiko

Mizushima Hiro as Asamoto Soshi

Sasaki Kuranosuke as Namikiri Gaku [Mysterious salesman]

Kuninaka Ryoko as Kamiya Ayumi

Minemura Rie as Tetsuko Yoshioka

Sasai Eisuke as Shirasagi Yuki [Gaku's boss]

Ueno Natsuhi as Ito Mika [Riiko's high school friend]

Yamada Meikyo as Asamoto Shiro

Nakamura Shunsuke as Asamoto Masashi

Maya Miki as Wakabayashi Fujiko [Cafe-Bar Liberte's owner]

Komoto Maki as Sato Nozomi

Erena as Ono Chiho

Irie Jingi as Hayashi Kota

Yamamoto Kei as Asamoto Kazushi

Komura Yuta as Asamoto Soshi [child] (Ep.2)

Director Actors:

Hijikata Masato

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I adore this drama. When i first heard about it I was a bit torn about whether to watch it or not. A human falling in love with a robot? No thankyou. However, I'm so glad I did!

The title speaks for itself - "Absolute Boyfriend" (the English translation). Idealism was precisely incorporated in having an ideal partner including what people really wants from his/her partner. It also showed the reality that nothing stays the same hundred percent. People tend to change including their wants because of their environment and the situation they are into.

This series had one of the best figurative interpretation on how to love someone selflessly. It came to a point when I felt like how can a robot be more human than me in forsaking oneself due to the love for someone. And then I asked myself, "Can I be like him? Can I love someone selflessly?"

Have your tissues/hankies ready at the last quarter of the series.

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