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Vanguard (2020)


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Vanguard (2020) Review


Vanguard is a Chinese action film written, co-produced and directed by Stanley Tong and released in 2020.

It tells the story of a secret security company called Vanguard that scrambles to protect an accountant and his daughter from terrorists in Africa.

Sixth collaboration of Jackie Chan and Stanley Tong, it is initially scheduled for January 25, 2020 in China but is postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. It was finally released on September 30, 2020 and received mixed reviews, with Jackie Chan's performance, action sequences and music being praised, but the film's script, cut and length were criticized.


Qin Guoli, a Chinese accountant based in Britain, is forcibly hired by Maasym, the head of the terrorist organization Brothers of Vengeance, to finance his projects. After Qin informs Scotland Yard, Maasym is killed in an operation by US forces, but his son Omar survives and now wants to get his hands on his father's money, whose whereabouts are known to Qin. Omar hires the Arctic Wolves mercenary group, who kidnap Qin and his new wife Meiwei during Chinese New Year festivities in London's Chinatown. Vanguard, an international security company tasked with protecting Qin, sends agents Zhang Kaixuan, Lei Zhenyu (Yang Yang) and Mi Ya (Miya Muqi) to rescue him. After the operation is successful, Qin asks Vanguard director Tang Huanting (Jackie Chan) to protect his daughter Fareeda (Xu Ruohan (en)), who is currently in Africa, before Omar can use her. as leverage against him.

Tang, Lei and Miya travel to Africa and find Fareeda, but also have to face the Arctic Wolves and a group of poachers who have been hired as additional reinforcements. During the first altercation, Lei and Fareeda are separated from the rest of the group and hide in the nearby jungle, forcing Tang and Miya to search for them on foot, guided by satellite tracking provided by Vanguard headquarters. Tang and Miya join their companions and fight their pursuers in a furious river chase with an amphibious car and personal watercraft, which ends in the blocking of Tang and Miya and the capture of Lei and Fareeda. Broto, the leader of the Arctic Wolves, offers to exchange his captives for Qin, which the latter immediately accepts.

Tang rallies his agents to storm the fortress of Omar in the Middle Eastern town of Jiadebala and rescue the hostages. With local help, Vanguard agents infiltrate the heavily guarded fortress and prepare for the next day's exchange. However, Omar and Broto expected intervention, and the operation quickly escalates into a shootout. When Vanguard is surrounded and overwhelmed, Qin surrenders to allow the agents to escape. Tang, Lei, Zhang, Miya and Fareeda then travel to Dubai, where Maasym deposited his fortune, and cooperate with the local police to monitor two Arctic Wolf mercenaries who arrived here to facilitate a major arms deal for Omar with Maasym's money. Incidentally, this also gives Omar the opportunity to try and kill Admiral Greg Dawes, the man who killed Maasym and who has just arrived in Dubai.

Closely watched on both sides, Omar, Broto, and Qin encounter arms dealer Josef at a used car dealership, where the money is converted into pure gold cars. In return for his fees, Josef provides Omar with the control system of a combat drone, which the latter wishes to use against Dawes. Dubai police then conduct an operation against the terrorists, but their approach gives Omar's men enough time to activate the drone, then escape in the golden cars. Vanguard agents move to intercept terrorists, and thanks to the warning from Dubai police, US forces intercept and destroy the drone. The chase ends in a mall, where Omar and Broto are overpowered and arrested, and the film ends with the protagonists celebrating the Chinese New Year in Dubai.


Jackie Chan: Tang Huanting, Vanguard Commander

Yang Yang: Lei Zhenyu, a Vanguard agent

Ai Lun: Zhang Kaixuan, a Vanguard agent

Miya Muqi: Mi Ya, a Vanguard agent

Yang Jian Ping: Jian Ping, a Vanguard agent