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Tiger Robbers (2021)


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Tiger Robbers (2021) Review

About the movie Tiger Robbers (2021)

Manga-like comedy about some pet-finders rescuing a kidnapped tiger is mirthless and overblown.

Synopsis and Plot Summary

Puguang city, southern China, the present day. Xiaoxue (Song Jia) has been searching for a week for her five-year-old pet tiger Na’na, whom she looks upon as a daughter, having reared it from when it was a cub and the zoo at which she was working as an animal keeper closed down. As Na’na grew, Xiaoxue moved it to a nearby island and the two lived together in an abandoned chapel. 

The tearful Xiaoxue begs a group of people who not long ago set up Yang Guang Pet Search to help her – tomboy Yang Guang (Ma Li), young inventor Wang Yuan (Zhang Haiyu), and thief Yishou (Xie Ruitao). Xiaoxue believes the man who kidnapped Na’na is Liu Shenqi (Zeng Zhiwei), a Guangdong-born entrepreneur and local celebrity who’s famous for his philanthropy. After much persuasion by Xiaoxue, the trio agree to take on the job. Yishou slips a tracker in Liu Shenqi’s pocket while at a public event and they find his private mansion is on Zhoushan Island. Disguised as electricians, the four bluff their way inside when Liu Shenqi is away in Shanghai on business.

 They discover a secret basement complex behind sliding doors whose door card is held by Wu Chuanpu (Fang Li), Liu Shenqi’s butler. Pretending to be a nurse, Xiaoxue goes for a job interview with Wu Chuanpu, drugs his drink, and gets all four of them into the basement, a huge complex full of valuable possessions, gold, and jewelry, in which they eventually find Na’na. (Meanwhile, Yishou has discovered the reason Liu Shenqi kidnapped Na’na: he had a younger sister of the same name who dies 10 years ago and to whom he was devoted, and he believes her spirit lives on in the tiger.) The four are discovered by the mansion’s guards but escape with Na’na (and some of Liu Shenqi’s valuables) in a speedboat. 

However, they are then robbed on the sea by three masked thieves and put ashore. They eventually reach home and find that Yishou stole the ID card of one of the thieves, Lin Didao (Sha Yi). He happens to be Xiaoxue’s ex-boyfriend, and Liu Shenqi is hot on everyone’s trail.

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