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The Twilight Saga Eclipse (2010)


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The Twilight Saga Eclipse (2010) Review


Eclipse is the third part in the series of hit movies Twilight, made based on the novel of the same name by writer Stephenie Meyer. Just like Twilight and New Moon - the previous two films, "Eclipse" was adapted by screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg. However, taking on the role of "soul-blowing" for this film is the famous director David Slade.


Riley Biers is attacked by Victoria, while she is away creating a joint army of neophyte vampires to destroy Bella Swan. In Forks, Edward Cullen and Bella must argue about the complications of becoming an immortal vampire even though Edward refuses to give her immortality until they are married and until he has had various human experiences. While Charlie Swan is investigating Riley Biers' disappearance, Edward suspects that his disappearance was caused by neophyte vampires.

Despite Edward's fears for Bella's safety, she insists that Jacob and the rest of the werewolf pack would not harm her, but Edward remains unconvinced of her. Bella goes to La Push to see Jacob, and returns to his house safely. During one of her visits, Jacob confesses that he is in love with Bella, and kisses her without her consent. She furious, she hits him and sprains her hand, and then Edward threatens Jacob with breaking his jaw. Bella even revokes the invitations from Jacob and his pack members to her prom, but when Jacob apologizes for his behavior, she finally forgives him.

Meanwhile, Alice has a vision of the neophyte army, attacking Forks and being led by Riley Biers. Jacob, accompanied by Quil and Embry overhear this, which leads to an alliance between the Cullens and the werewolves. Later, the Cullens and the wolves agree on a meeting place and time to train and discuss strategy. During training Jasper explains to Bella that he was created by a vampire named Maria who controlled an army of neophytes. He also confesses that she hated her original existence and upon meeting Alice, he joined the Cullens. Bella realizes that spending eternity with Edward is more important to her than anything else and accepts her proposal. Edward and Bella make a camp in the mountains to hide from the bloodthirsty neophytes. During the night, Bella overhears a conversation between Edward and Jacob, in which they temporarily put the hatred of her aside. In the morning, Jacob hears Edward and Bella arguing about their wedding engagement and he gets very upset. Before she can go out to get killed in the fight with the neophytes, Bella desperately asks Jacob to kiss her, and she realizes that she has fallen in love with him. Edward finds out about the kiss between Jacob and Bella, but she tells him that she loves him more than Jacob, something that Edward knows and that makes her not upset.

Victoria finds Bella's hiding place, and Edward kills her while Seth kills her partner Riley. The Cullens and the Quileute wolves, meanwhile, destroy their "army", though Jacob is wounded. Several members of the Volturi arrive to face the army of neophytes. They also see that the Cullens are sheltering the neophyte, Bree Tanner, who refused to fight and turned herself in to Carlisle. Jane tortures Bree for information, then Felix takes care of Bree and kills her, despite the Cullens' best efforts. Bella visits Jacob at her house to tell him that even though she loves him, she has chosen to be with Edward. Disappointed by the choice of her, Jacob reluctantly agrees to stop trying to come between her and Edward.

Bella and Edward go to her meadow, where she tells him that she has decided to do things her way: get married, start a family, and then transform into a vampire, and decide that they need to tell Charlie about her. commitment from her. The movie ends with Bella asking for her engagement ring, Edward puts it on and they hug.


Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan, who finds herself surrounded by danger and targeted by the vengeful vampire Victoria. In the meantime, she must choose between her love for vampire Edward Cullen and her friendship with werewolf Jacob Black.

Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen, Bella's vampire boyfriend who is capable of reading minds, except for Bella's de ella. In New Moon, Edward left Bella, and now he has returned to try to stay a part of her life from her.

Taylor Lautner as Jacob Black, a werewolf in whom Bella found solace during Edward's absence in New Moon. Now, Edward has returned to Bella's life de ella permanently, and Jacob is looking for ways to prove that he is a better choice for her.