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The Raid (2012)


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The Raid (2012) Review


rbuan maut, titled The Raid in Latin America and Killer Raid in Spain, is a 2011 Indonesian martial arts and action film written and directed by Gareth Evans. It starred Iko Uwais, Joe Taslim, Donny Alamsyah, Pierre Gruno, and Ray Sahetapy. The plot revolves around a group of policemen who must raid a building full of criminals. The film was released on April 13, 2012 in the United States, where it was titled The Raid: Redemption.

The film has a second part, The Raid 2: Berandal, which was released in April 2014.


Rama (Iko Uwais), a rookie police officer from the SWAT squad, is sent along with other officers to raid a building located in the city of Jakarta. The place is controlled by Tama Riyadi (Ray Sahetapy), a feared criminal who has leased the apartments to various murderers and criminals. Riyadi is protected by two bodyguards, Andi (Donny Alamsyah) and Mad Dog (Yayan Ruhian). The mission of the policemen is to enter the building and arrest Riyadi, in order to stop his business as a drug trafficker. The police team is led by Sergeant Jaka (Joe Taslim) and Lieutenant Wahyu (Pierre Gruno).

Upon entering the building, the police officers capture one of the residents, who was carrying medicine for his wife. The group stealthily climbs the floors of the building, immobilizing criminals they encounter along the way. However, upon reaching the sixth floor, a boy warns Riyadi of the policemen, and the criminal gives the signal to his henchmen of the presence of the agents. Two snipers kill the officers who were standing guard outside the building, while a group of criminals kills those in the police van. Riyadi, who sees what is happening through cameras scattered around the building, warns his tenants that he will release them from the obligation to pay rent in exchange for killing the policemen.

In the middle of the confrontation, Sergeant Jaka discovers that the raid was not ordered by the police department, and only Lieutenant Wahyu knew about the operation. Therefore, they are prevented from requesting reinforcements. Criminals kill most of the policemen, and the survivors take refuge in an apartment. After an explosion, only five policemen are left alive: Sergeant Jaka, Lieutenant Wahyu, Rama, Bowo and Dagu. The agents are divided into two groups, Rama and Bowo go to the seventh floor, while the other three go to the fifth.

Rama and Bowo manage to reach the apartment of the tenant who was bringing medicine to his wife and they hide in a secret compartment. A group of criminals arrives at the apartment to search it for police officers, but they cannot find them. After this, Rama leaves Bowo, who was injured, in the care of the tenant, and tries to find some way out of the building. The policeman is attacked by some criminals, and after defeating them he is caught by Andi, Riyadi's bodyguard. Sergeant Jaka, meanwhile, is found by Mad Dog, while Lieutenant Wahyu and Dagu manage to flee. Mad Dog decides not to kill Jaka with his gun, instead opting to fight him. The bodyguard manages to defeat the sergeant and kills him by breaking his neck. Later, Rama is revealed to be Andi's brother, and fled his family years ago. Rama tries to convince him to return home, but Andi refuses.

Riyadi discovers through his cameras that Andi did not kill Rama, and orders Mad Dog to torture him. Meanwhile, Rama manages to meet with Lieutenant Wahyu and Dagu, so they head to the 15th floor, where Riyadi is. Along the way, Rama meets Mad Dog and Andi, and both brothers confront the bodyguard. After a long fight, Andi and Rama manage to kill him by burying a piece of glass in his neck. Wahyu and Dagu manage to capture Riyadi, but the lieutenant kills the policeman and decides to take the criminal himself. After this, Riyadi tells Wahyu that arresting him will be of no use, as he has bribed high-ranking members of the police force. Wahyu gets angry and kills the criminal, after which he attempts suicide, but has no bullets. With Riyadi's death, Andi goes up to his office and warns the building's tenants not to worry about the policemen. Since Riyadi's confession about the corrupt policemen had been recorded by the cameras, Andi passes the tapes to his brother.

The film ends with Sergeant Wahyu, Rama, and Bowo leaving the building alongside Riyadi's corpse. Before leaving, Rama tries once more to convince his brother to return home, but Andi again refuses.


Iko Uwais ... Branch

Donny Alamsyah ... Andi

Ray Sahetapy ... Tama Riyadi

Yayan Ruhian ... Mad Dog

Pierre Gruno ... Lieutenant Wahyu

Joe Taslim ... Sergeant Jaka

Tegar Satrya ... Bowo

Eka Rahmadia ... Dagu

Verdi Solaiman ... Budi

Ananda George ... Ari