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The Gigolo 2 (2016)

Hong Kong

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The Gigolo 2 is a 2016 Hong Kong erotic comedy film directed by Venus Keung and starring Dominic Ho, Connie Man, Jazz Lam and Iris Chung. It is the sequel to The Gigolo (2015). The film was released on January 14, 2016 in Hong Kong


Before Fung Ho claimed to be at the top of his career, he is now a semi-retired gigolo and runs a nightclub called High X. Monica and Sushi are two best friends who are extras in film and television to survive. At Sushi's birthday party, Monica meets Fung when she can't find a taxi to get home and Fung offers to take her back. After filming, Yi Tung, a lady comes to the set and asks Sushi if she wants to go to a boat party where she has rich guys. Sushi also invites Monica, despite her reluctance. In the middle of the boat party, Monica receives an SMS from her older brother informing her that her mother was sent to the hospital. She panics because she can't make it to the coast. She meets Fung, who is also at the party, and he decides to take her back to land on his speedboat. After bringing her mother home, Monica holds a family reunion with her brothers to decide who she will look after her mother, but her brothers refuse to take responsibility and she fights with them. Her mother also had to undergo surgery. In order to get enough money for the high-cost surgery, Monica decides to join Sushi to prostitute herself. However, she is shy and nervous about sex, especially about anal sex and blowjobs. Sushi recommends her to Fung to learn the art of sex and, after some Fung training, she manages to overcome her problem and becomes an expert in giving pleasure to men. She also fell in love with Fung while being trained by Fung.

After graduating from Fung, she sees Fung together with another girl, Isabel, a lawyer who is getting married and is unhappy about it. Sushi and her boyfriend Dick want to buy an apartment and are running low on money. Yi Tung recommends them to the Big Dog, but Dick is apprehensive when he hears that gigolos were seriously injured when they were hired by Big Dog and his wife Mona for sexual services. However, Sushi makes a point of accepting the offer. During the process, Sushi and Dick are killed by Big dog and Mona due to the rude treatment. Monica and Fung saw the news of Sushi's murder and decide to take revenge on Big Dog and Mona.

After that, Monica and Fung get married, but during the wedding, Fung is murdered by some bandits hired by Isabel's husband when he finds out that Isabel is pregnant with Fung when he himself is sterilized.


Dominic Ho as Fung Ho, a retired gigolo who runs his own nightclub

Connie Man as Monica, a film and TV extra

Jazz Lam as Dick, a male gigolo

Iris Chung as Sushi, friend of Monica

Leslie Lam as Isabel, a lawyer

Teresa Mak as Yi Tung, a madam

Winnie Leung as Mona, wife of Big Dog

Hazel Tong as Yoyo, an actress with a bad temper


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