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The Eleventh Chapter (2021)


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About the movie The Eleventh Chapter (2021)

Title: The Eleventh Chapter

Chinese Title: 第十一回 / Di Shi Yi Hui

Release Date: April 2, 2021

Genre: Comedy, Family

Language: Mandarin

Director: Chen Jianbin

Screenwriter: Niu Jianrong, Niu Niu, Chen Jianbin, Lei Zhilong

Producer: Zhu Ziliang

Origin: China

Synopsis and Plot Summary

The film revolves around an ordinary middle-aged man and tells the story of the entanglements between Ma Fuli's family and a play from a theatre troupe that is based on a homicide case.

A homicide case from 30 years ago was adapted into a stage play by the municipal theatre troupe. As the person involved in the murder, the renewed attention on the case disrupts Ma Fuli's (Chen Jianbin) life. Ma Fuli is pulled in all directions while trying to sort things out with stage play director Hu Kunding (Da Peng), looking for a lawyer to clear his name and attempting to reconcile the tense relationship between his wife Jin Cailing (Zhou Xun) and daughter Jin Duoduo (Leah Dou). Life is like a play, what is real and what is not?

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