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The Bodyguard From Beijing

Hong Kong
90 min

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The Bodyguard From Beijing Review


The Bodyguard from Beijing (also known as The Defender in the United States) is a 1994 Hong Kong action film directed by Corey Yuen and starring Jet Li.

On July 28, 1994, The Bodyguard from Beijing was released in Hong Kong.


Allan, a professional bodyguard stationed in Beijing, is the protagonist of the film, and his tactical and martial talents, as well as his fast thinking, have been demonstrated to have saved several dignitaries from assassination. James, a wealthy Hong Kong businessman, hires him to safeguard his gorgeous girlfriend Michelle Leung, the only surviving witness to a murder after all the others have been killed in various ways. Allan arrives at the girl's residence in Hong Kong to meet with two inept plainclothes police officers in charge of her safety, Fat Po and Ken. He demonstrates the entire troop of present bodyguards unable in his struggle with them during what he thought was an assassination attempt shortly after meeting Miss Leung, and they are all fired. He also disarms the two cops.

The bodyguard inspects the entire house and vehicles for bugs, bombs, and layout, as well as installing security cameras in various spots, including Michelle's bedroom, which he can monitor via a personal device. She is enraged by this and, after failing to get him to go, manages to smash down the camera with a frying pan. In addition, he provides her with a panic button.

Hitmen attempt to assassinate her on a road trip, but they are foiled by Allan's ploy of having a fake VIP car driven by Fat Po and the girl riding shotgun in the trailing van.

Michelle tries to elude her bodyguard by whining to her boyfriend and sneaking out in the middle of the night in a car with the younger cop, Ken. As the escapees start the car, Allan reassures James and casually makes himself visible in the headlights; Michelle has a tantrum as she returns to the house.

Michelle eventually travels to the shopping center with only the two cops accompanying her. Activists, on the other hand, have staked out the mall. One is going to murder her by shooting her through a stall barrier with his suppressed firearm, but Allan, who had followed them and was in the stall beyond hers, shoots him first. This sets out a gunfight through the mall, in which Allan kills many hitmen while protecting the girl. He eventually notices that all of the hitmen have two pens in their front pockets as identification and impersonates one to get more. Fat Po is injured during their escape.

The younger brother of Killer Wong, a former Chinese soldier who fought alongside his brother, was one of the assassins who posed as a police officer and was killed by Allan during the shoot-out. Wong threatens Allan with revenge.

Meanwhile, Michelle uses her transmitter to make Allan storm the bedroom and "defend" her, revealing her desire to him, which had been building since the beginning. He goes about his business, leaving her panting behind the closed door.

When the transmitter sounds again, this time in earnest, everything comes to a head. Wong and a gang of assassins break into the penthouse and start shooting. Both the cops and Allan hurry to protect her, but Wong kills Ken, the younger cop. After darkening the room, Allan utilizes his handgun and martial arts talents to wipe out all of the intruders until just Wong is left. He and Wong have a protracted fight, which is made more difficult by leaking gas that threatens to knock both of them out. Wong eventually recovers a pistol and kidnaps the girl. James enters unannounced and tries to persuade Wong not to shoot by offering to compensate him, but Wong declines. As the assassin backs away, Allan shelters Michelle with his body and fires two rounds, but manages to pull out a bayonet from his chest, which he had earlier been wounded with, and throw it at Wong's neck, killing him.

Before the end of the movie, James drives Michelle to the Hong Kong-Mainland China border, where she hopes to see Allan one last time before he returns to China, but guards at the checkpoint refuse them access. Allan, on the other hand, leaves Michelle with the box containing the watch she had given him as a gift and which he had tried to deny. When she opens it, however, she finds his own watch inside, while Fat Po receives Allan's payment money to help pay for his son's schooling. Michelle screams Allan's name as his car travels back into the mainland from the border.


Jet Li as Allan Hui Ching-yeung (John Chang in the American release) Christy Chung as Michelle Yeung Kent Cheng as Charlie Leung Kam-po ("Fat Po") (Sergeant Lau in the American release) Sing Ngai as Killer Wong (Wang Wenjun in the American release) Joey Leung as Keung (Ken in the American release) Ng Wai-kwok as James Song Sai-cheung William Chu as Billy Wong Kam-kong as Chiu Kwok-man (uncredited) Wong Wah-woh as Coroner (uncredited) Corey Yuen as Shopper in Mall (uncredited) Sam Wong Gary Mak as Assassin in Shopping Center Kevan Cummins as bodyguard to US President