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ABOUT SPY (2015)

Spy is a 2015 American comedy-action film written and directed by Paul Feig. The film stars Melissa McCarthy, Jason Statham, Rose Byrne, Miranda Hart, Bobby Cannavale, Allison Janney and Jude Law.

Released and produced by 20th Century Fox by Feigco Entertainment and Chernin Entertainment, the film premiered on June 5, 2015. Immediately upon its release, the film received positive reviews from professionals and exceeded sales. the rate of 203 million USD.


Susan Cooper is an employee at the CIA base, she assists regular agent Bradley Fine on the mission. Fine accidentally killed weapons dealer Tihomir Boyanov, while he was asking him about the suitcase containing the nuclear bomb. Fine then went to Rayna's house, Boyanov's daughter. However, Fine was shot dead by Rayna, while Susan was watching online. Rayna already knows the names of agents at the CIA base, including Rick Ford and Karen Walker.

Susan volunteered to follow Rayna, because Rayna never knew about her. When boss Elaine Crocker agreed, Ford resigned. With the help of her best friend Nancy's intelligence, Susan went to Paris to lie around. That night Ford showed up and said that Susan would fail because she was inexperienced.

The next morning, Susan found out that Sergio De Luca's office had burned down. She found a photo of the man standing next to the fire. Ford showed up and quarreled with Susan again and left. Susan saw the man in the photo following Ford and he changed the Ford backpack to another that contained the bomb. Susan promptly warned Ford, then she chased the man into the abandoned building. While struggling, the man fell to the ground to die. Susan then went to Rome to find De Luca.

In Rome, Susan meets contact person Aldo. She followed De Luca to a casino, where she saved Rayna's life. Rayna put Susan on a private jet to reach Budapest. On the flight, a traitorous bodyguard attempted to kill Rayna, but Susan defeated him. Rayna suspects Susan is a CIA agent, but Susan lied that she was a bodyguard hired by Boyanov to protect Rayna.

In Budapest, Susan met Nancy, who was also sent by Crocker. Susan chased a car and discovered that the killer in the car was Karen - who sold the names of agents to Rayna. Karen was about to shoot Susan, but some sniper killed her. Susan, Nancy and Aldo took Rayna to meet the customer who bought the bomb. The client is Lia, the girl who distracts Ford in Paris. Nancy caught the attention (by pretending to be a crazy fan of 50 Cent) for Susan to chase after Lia. After a fight, Susan attempts to arrest Lia, but Lia is killed by Fine. Fine faked his death and is now Rayna's mistress.

Rayna locked Susan and Aldo into the cellar. Fine revealed to Susan that he was using Rayna's trust to find the nuclear bomb, and it was he who shot Karen. Susan and Aldo try to escape. In De Luca's mansion, Rayna, Fine and De Luca are waiting for Solsa Dudaev, the terrorist from the al-Qaeda organization.

Dudaev gives De Luca a suitcase filled with diamonds, Rayna brings out the bomb. De Luca kills Dudaev, he reveals he will sell the bomb to someone else to bomb New York City. When Ford distracted De Luca, Susan killed all of De Luca's subordinates. De Luca brings the diamonds and bombs to the escape helicopter, but Susan catches him. After some struggles, Susan threw the diamonds and bombs into the lake, and she let De Luca fall into the lake.

The bomb was confiscated by the CIA, Rayna was arrested. Ford praised Susan's talent. Crocker agrees to make Susan a regular spy, and her next mission is infiltrating a drug trafficking organization in Prague. Fine invites Susan to dinner but she refuses to go out with Nancy. The next morning Susan woke up to find herself in bed with Ford, she screamed.


Melissa McCarthy as Susan Cooper

Jason Statham as Rick Ford

Rose Byrne as Rayna Boyanov

Jude Law as Bradley Fine

Miranda Hart as Nancy B. Artingstall

Bobby Cannavale as Sergio De Luca

Allison Janney as Elaine Crocker

Peter Serafinowicz as Aldo

Morena Baccarin as Karen Walker

Björn Gustafsson on Anton


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