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Shock Wave (Shock Wave), is a future Honguese film of action genre, written and directed by Herman Yau, starring Andy Lau. The film is scheduled to be released in April 2017, as the third production by Herman and Andi, following Don't Fool Me (1991) and Fascination Amour (1999)


Bomb disposal officer Cheung Choi-san (Andy Lau) of the Bureau of Explosives Handling (EOD) covertly works in a gang of thieves led by Hung Kai-pang (Jiang Wu), who specializes in bombs. , head. Cheung collaborated with his handler, Director Chow (Felix Wong), and senior inspector Kong Yiu-wa (Philip Keung) of the Regional Crime Unit, and managed to arrest some of Hung's subordinates. , including his younger brother, Hung Kai-piu, after carrying out a vault robbery, and also successfully resolves a bomb that prevents it from exploding. However, Hung escaped the arrest and vowed revenge. Six months later, Cheung returned to his position in the EOD and was quickly promoted as the department's director and met a newly divorced elementary school teacher, Carmen (Song Jia), and started dating her. .

A year later, Hung hired a group of mercenaries and provided morphine and heroin to the drug dealers in the Golden Triangle. Man Chung Group Chairman Yim Kwok-wing (Liu Kai-chi) suggested he deposit HK $ 50 million to usurp the Cross-Harbor tunnel to lure the Hong Kong government to buy back Man Chung shares at Western Harbor Crossing. Meanwhile, after Cheung received an honor for his secret mission, Director Chow was killed after a bomb exploded in his car, which Cheung suspects is Hung's actions. The next day, Hung placed a mercury-activated bomb outside the Revenue Tower, which Cheung successfully threw before bringing back 3 pounds of C4 through a remote controlled toy truck, designed set to detonate in three minutes, so Kong drove Cheung to bomb Victoria Harbor. Shortly thereafter, Hung and mercenaries broke into Xuyen Cang Tunnel, trapping hundreds of civilians hostage with 1,000 kg of C4 explosives, placing 500 kg at each entrance of the tunnel. After performing the first kill of a maintenance worker leading to a gunfight with the police, the Senior Assistant to Police Wan Hiu-Mush (Shek Sau), tries to negotiate with Hung, who calls himself " Blast ", but Blast asked to speak to Cheung and forced Cheung to release his detained brother before 12 a.m. otherwise he would kill a hostage if ten minutes late, Cheung co. Note if Blast can promise him to release 100 hostages. Cheung and Kong escorted Kai-piu from the prison, who became a change man and did not want to see his brother, but they were hit by a drunk truck driver on the road, and nearly turned. returns to the tunnel before Blast kills the second hostage, but Kai-piu is seriously injured. Blast fulfilled his promise and released 10 hostages, but when he discovered that one of them was a young police inspector, Wong Tin-nok (Babyjohn Choi), Blasts tied up a bomb with four packs of explosives. on body. When the Blasts timed off for another two minutes, Cheung was unable to neutralize the bomb and Wong was killed by the explosion.

The next morning, the blocked West and East Port Crossings were opened to the public for strict security checks while Yim was making a fortune as Truong Quoc Vinh's shares skyrocketed and paid him the commissions of 500 million Hong Kong dollars. However, Blast is dissatisfied and directs some of his mercenaries to kidnap Yim and force him to transfer HK $ 1 billion into Blast's bank account before killing him. At the same time, Blast also arrested Carmen and tied her to the trunk of the taxi with a grenade in hand, but Cheung found and rescued her at a gas station. Blast then asked two helicopters for him to leave Hong Kong with a few hostages including Cheung, and timed that 1,000 kg of C4 would take off after an hour until the helicopter arrived. Cheung then wears some C4 explosives around himself and enters the tunnel, threatening Blast to give out a remote control for 1,000 kilograms of C4, which startles a few mercenaries and sets off a gunfight where Cheung shot Blast in the leg, while Kong's team and Task Unit Task Force burst in and knocked out the mercenaries while evacuating civilians, where Kai-pai and several officers and hostages were was killed. In the midst of the chaos, Blast shoots Cheung in the leg in retaliation, and the two exchange flames, where the Blasts destroy the remote control. Blast gained the upper hand when Cheung ran out of ammo and reloaded, but Kong cut off Blast's arm and was later captured. Cheung rushes to the exit of Hong Kong Island if the tunnel while ordering his subordinates, Ben (Ron Ng) stays at the Kowloon exit and they find the detonator of the explosives under the truck at the respective location. of them, but could not see clearly. Less than three minutes before it exploded, Cheung asked the tunnel's engineer if the tunnel could withstand 500 kg of C4 exploding, so decided to take a gamble and cut the yellow rope. Tell Ben if it's safe. However, the explosives will explode after Cheung cuts the power cord, killing him on the spot, so Ben cuts off the red wire, but is still severely injured by the impact. The explosion destroyed much of the tunnel but did not affect its structure. Wan informed reporters that 468 hostages were saved while 38 people were killed, along with 43 criminals and 18 officers were killed in the incident. Afterwards, Cheung and other slain officers were buried at Gallant Garden, where Kong, Carmen, Ben and others mourned the dead.


Andy Lau as Cheung Choi-san (章在山), superintendent and bomb disposal officer of the Explosive Ordnance Disposal Bureau (EOD).

Jiang Wu as Hung Kai-pang (洪繼鵬), who nicknamed himself Blast (火爆), a top wanted criminal who is bent on seeking revenge for Cheung's betrayal.

Song Jia as Carmen Li (李家雯), a divorced teacher who becomes Cheung's girlfriend.

Philip Keung as Kong Yiu-wai (江耀偉), chief inspector of the Regional Crime Unit who works closely with Cheung.

Ron Ng as Ben (阿斌), an EOD officer who is Cheung's second-in-command.

Leo Wang as Hung Kai-piu (洪繼標), Blast's younger brother who was apprehended by the police during Cheung's undercover mission.

Felix Wong as Officer Chow (周Sir), superintendent of the Regional Crime Unit and Cheung's handler when the latter was working undercover in Blast's gang.