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Sadako vs. Kayako is a Japanese horror film directed by Kōji Shiraishi. It is a crossover of the Ju-on and Ringu horror film sagas, originated by director Takashi Shimizu and writer Kōji Suzuki, respectively. It was released on June 18, 2016 in theaters in Japan.


A teenage girl is doomed to die from Sadako Yamamura's curse. Meanwhile, another teenage girl is doomed to die at the hands of Kayako Saeki. The two will unite so that the two curses face each other and thus make the two ghosts destroy each other and in this way end the curse once and for all

A social worker visits a woman's residence but finds her dead in front of her television. The VCR plays the damn tape. As the social worker views the video, Sadako Yamamura demonstrates behind her.

The VCR is later purchased by college students Yuri Kurahashi and Natsumi Ueno, who want to use it to burn a copy of Natsumi's parents' wedding tape to DVD. When they find the cursed videotape inside the player, Yuri decides to watch it out of curiosity. Yuri is distracted by her phone, so she ends up not seeing the images - only a horrified Natsumi does. The girls return to the store where they bought the video player, and learn that a store worker and the aforementioned social worker died two days after viewing the same videotape.

Desperate, the girls turn to Morishige, their teacher and author of urban legends. Morishige is obsessed with the idea of ​​reuniting with Sadako - when Yuri hands him the tape, he becomes elated and immediately sees it, though the girls are less excited, as Natsumi only has one day to live. Morishige takes the girls to an exorcist in hopes that he can save Natsumi. However, in the middle of the ceremony Sadako possesses Natsumi and kills Morishige and the exorcist for interfering. In her dying breath, the exorcist tells the girls that a man with psychic powers, Keizo Tokiwa, is on his way to help them.

When a discouraged Natsumi blames Yuri for her condition, Yuri decides to watch the tape, hoping that this will pass the curse on her and Natsumi will be saved from her. However, Keizo arrives, accompanied by a blind psychic girl, Tamao, who tells Yuri that she has unnecessarily cursed herself - the curse cannot be passed that way. The only way to permanently erase her is to confront Sadako against another vengeful spirit so that they both destroy each other. Natsumi attempts suicide to escape a violent death, but Sadako appears before she can and kills her. Keizo and Tamao target Kayako Saeki to be the rival spirit.

Meanwhile, high school student Suzuka Takagi begins to have dreams of the Saeki's haunted house after moving close to her with her family. She later meets up with Keizo and Tamao, who claims that the house calls Suzuka. Keizo warns her that she will not enter or she will die. That night, Suzuka thinks she sees a schoolboy inside the Saeki house who had recently disappeared - she had actually been killed along with three other children, and she decides to enter the cursed place. She sees Toshio and her screams urge the young woman's parents to also enter the house, but they are killed by Toshio and Kayako. Keizo saves Suzuka, even though she is already cursed. Yuri and Suzuka team up for Keizo's plan: together, they enter the Saeki's house, so that Suzuka can see the cursed video inside and Yuri can see Kayako, so that both are affected by both curses. Keizo hopes this will make Sadako and Kayako fight over the girls. Sadako and Kayako appear and attack each other, though neither entity seems to gain any advantage. Keizo yells for the girls to flee, the plan had failed.

Keizo reveals his last resort: one of the girls has to lure both ghosts into a well near the cursed house, so they can be sealed inside. Yuri decides to sacrifice herself, jumping into the well as Sadako and Kayako run towards her, collide and form a huge misshapen mass of flesh and hair. The mass possesses Yuri, while Suzuka seals the well. Keizo dies after protecting Tamao from the collision of the ghosts. This last resort doesn't work either: Yuri, who has the appearance of Sadako, writhes and crawls, emitting the characteristic noise of Kayako; Sadako and Kayako's curses have merged, they have become a single entity - Sadakaya. Sadakaya walks up to Suzuka who screams as Toshio appears behind Tamao. Their destinations remain unknown.

In the post-credits scene, Sadakaya is shown on the videotape, now croaking and contorting her body as he moves closer to the screen.


Mizuki Yamamoto as Yuri Kurahashi.

Tina Tamashiro as Suzuka Tagaki.

Aimi Satsukawa as Natsumi Ueno.

Misato Tanaka as Ayako Takagi.

Masahiro Kōmoto as Shin'ichi Morishige.

Masanobu Andō as Kyozo the spiritual Medium.

Ichiruko Dômen as Horyuu.


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