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Rampage is an American science fiction monster film directed by Brad Peyton. The film is inspired by the Midway Games series of video games of the same name. Starring in the film include Dwayne Johnson, Naomie Harris, Malin Åkerman, Joe Manganiello, Jake Lacy, Marley Shelton and Jeffrey Dean Morgan.


The space research station Athena-1, owned by the company Energyne, was destroyed after a lab rat grew large and caused chaos. Dr. Kerry Atkins was on the run when he received orders from director Claire Wyden to bring boxes of pathogens. Atkins flees when the space station explodes, but she dies too and lets the pathogen fall to the United States. Three boxes of pathogens fell to three different locations, inhaled by three different animals: a gorilla named George at the San Diego Zoo, a wolf in the Wyoming woods, and an alligator in the Everglades.

Primatologist Davis Okoye, a former US special forces soldier, works at the San Diego Zoo. He is the one who raised the gorilla George from a young age, in the past he saved him from poachers who killed his mother. Due to the influence of the pathogen, George's body grew larger and larger with extraordinary strength. Geneticist Dr. Kate Caldwell came to Davis, explaining that the pathogen was invented by Energyne to synthesize the genes of animals to create giant super beasts. Previously, Kate worked for Energyne, she had hoped that the CRISPR results would be a superior remedy to save lives, but discovered that Energyne wanted to use it as a biological weapon, she tried to destroy the project, but was fired. discharged and sent to prison, her brother was seriously ill and died, from which she wanted to expose the crimes of the Wyden sisters. George escapes from the zoo, but is arrested by government forces led by Agent Harvey Russell and taken on the plane. Meanwhile Claire and her brother, Brett, send a team of mercenaries to capture the mutant wolf, Ralph, resulting in the team's death.

Claire wants to capture Ralph and use George to kill Kate, she turns on the radio on top of the Willis Tower to lure the animals to Chicago without caring about the lives of the people. George reacts violently to the sound waves and causes the plane to crash while Davis, Kate and Russell parachute to safety. George survived the plane crash, he and Ralph headed straight for Chicago. With the help of Russell, Davis and Kate steal an army helicopter to chase the animals.

Davis and Kate arrive to find George and Ralph devastating the city when the army cannot stop them. To make matters worse, the mutant crocodile, Lizzie, also joined the rampage. Davis and Kate infiltrate the Energyne company in the Willis Tower building to get an antidote to return the animals to normal, but are discovered by Claire and Brett. Claire reveals that the antidote can only reduce the animals' frenzy, not return them to their normal size. When George reached the top of the building, Kate put the antidote in Claire's bag and shoved her towards George, causing the gorilla to eat her with the antidote. Davis and Kate plan to bring George back to his senses and then let him kill the other two monsters. Brett ran to the ground floor and was stopped by Russell, Russell asked him to give evidence of a crime, he would let him go, when Brett handed over the laptop, he was crushed by a concrete block. The whole building collapsed, Davis and Kate escaped death by using Claire's tailless helicopter to land safely.

Davis stayed to help George defeat the other two monsters, while Kate and Russell ran to call to stop the army from dropping the Mother Bomb on the city. Davis tricked Ralph into Lizzie's teeth, causing the crocodile to bite off the wolf's head. While fighting Lizzie, George was stabbed by a reinforcement bar. Davis used the wreck of a Boeing AH-64 Apache helicopter to fire machine guns and rockets at Lizzie, causing it to turn to attack him. George then stabbed Lizzie in the eye with a rebar, killing her. The threat was gone, so the strike order was cancelled. Davis, Kate, Russell and George help residents clear the city's rubble.


Dwayne Johnson as Davis Okoye

Naomie Harris as Dr. Kate Caldwell

Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Agent Harvey Russell

Malin kerman as Claire Wyden

Jake Lacy as Brett Wyden

Joe Manganiello as Burke

Marley Shelton as Dr. Kerry Atkins