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Rak Sud TEEN (2012)


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Rak Sud TEEN (2012) Review

Rak Sud TEEN (2012) Information

  • Movie: Rak Sud TEEN
  • Country: Thailand
  • Release Date: Mar 1, 2012
  • Duration: 1 hr. 30 min. The first and only time of the great handsome "Mario Maurer" with the role of flirting father Asking for the ultimate glib. Plus, this work is willing to spread.

Tag team with the coolest gang " Pla Kung Magenta + Jut Jut " to flirt with women without choosing faces.

Until she came to "Ice Girl - Amina Gul" degree Miss Motor Show 2010

It's time for the most handsome to stop gliding along with throwing the heart to twist the big bike 2 wheels asking for " Teen Love"

With a small version of the superstar " Nong Lizzie" (Mook Chuk Chuk) and " Nong Phimm" (Tee Buay)

Even though there is no Thai voice acting, but this event, " Toh Phayit ", would like to bring fun ideas.

Directing the fun to spread in the style of " Partners" on March 1 in cinemas

Rak Sud TEEN (2012) Plot

Forget all the roles of "Mario Maurer" that you used to know, because March 1, 2012, it's time for full laughter when the god-handsome guy will revolutionize the look, handsome, polite, soft as ever. He is a young playboy who is both flirtatious and flirtatious. Even more, join the coolest tag team with "Tem Chung" (DJ Plakung), a young Afro-headed guy who is good at agitation and "make it" (Jud Thima) young man. A makeup who has a handsome face, but has to hide her big heart by applying Mantat Tung 2 best friends who have two big bikes as a vehicle for their body and soul. There is an activity to roast women to nourish the heart. Oh...well, we already have a common ideology. In this life, I see that "Ek" or "Due Jai" (Mario) will allow his Playboy heart to shake with the girls. Which one should be difficult, so "Little Pig" (Felicia-Natsana Butcher), the older sister, wouldn't insult her own Playboy brother. "I'm a heartless person who can't love anyone" Sigh!!!

But then a big surprise that no one would have thought of, because suddenly the sky above sent a beautiful young fairy to the young Playboy. Just our hero has been in contact with the magical phenomenon "Mint / Mintra" (Ice-Amina Gul), a beautiful and sexy girl that he himself has never known before. But try to imagine that this life suddenly There will be a beautiful woman who is stunned, taut, with a perfect figure, and the same face to meet with different karma for 3 times, 3 times in less than 48 hours apart, if it is not called "love at first sight" or "heaven. Pretend" sends "gifts that can move alive" , what do you call it!!! This act of heroism was made for her. "Playboy repents" to get a girl "Soulmate" in a perfect way, so it starts with the kind that twists and turns and smiles together, full of happiness.