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Present Still Perfect (2020)


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Present Still Perfect (2020) Review

About the movie Present Still Perfect (2020)

Present Perfect (2017): The main lead is heartbroken after a breakup and happens to travel to Japan for some Me Time! He encounters another Thai person, and he is trying to avoid anything Thai and is rather reluctant to give up on his despondency. I found him to be a human character in the movie.

How the main lead finds his partner and how things work out are some of the interesting events of this movie. Given the low budget, I feel the camera in the director’s hand has done wonders to capture the human essence of life.

The various characters played in this movie are refreshing to have an open mind. This movie was not about acceptance of the violence of discord. Yes, there are discords in the movie, but then, they have been handled with a refined approach to life.

The dialogue seems a little forced but then it went well with the Art movie frame. I am used to listening to noises and drips of rain in art movies. So, I found that music to my ears. The fact that the movie moved to a great level of finesse in capturing sounds.

Present Still Perfect (2020): The sequel explored the movie the development of the main lead of their relationship. Sometimes, the scene between the two was done with naturalness. Yet the subject has not gotten any popular vote, but then, the conversation on them should not be stopped.

Given the positive cast playing the roles in the skit of Heart’s true turning. I found the movie quite innovative. The sequel found the completion it had been searching in the seeking leads. That event was beautifully picturized.

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