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Present Perfect Continuous Tense (2013)


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About Present Perfect Continuous Tense (2013)

''When people love each other Nothing is a hindrance.'' simple love quotes But giving a deep and witty meaning instead of the relationship that occurs between Bib and Jing Couples of different ages where nothing is a barrier love promise movie It is a film that tells a story of love that has no boundaries. when we love each other Nothing is a barrier, be it environment, society, preferences, dress, favorite dishes or even age. ''Even though the age difference is huge. But we can still love each other.'' The film opens with a sweet love scene of Jing. A 20-year-old boy who is now dating a widow and stepdaughter like Bib who is 40 years old, but the two try to get along like a normal couple. Biam and Jing's love is also conveyed through the 'promise' that they have for each other. It is like a bond that prevents the two from being able to separate no matter how much time has passed, but they do not know that the promise It has an expiration date as well. because of different ideas and different social conditions One is still a student who still rely on finances from home The other one works hard. Manage expenses yourself One begins as a young man while the other was withering One wants to grow up more. to take care of someone But the other person wants to be younger. in order not to be embarrassed by others

But love is not the only factor in coexistence. make love of both In fact, they have to face various obstacles. There are many things that make this movie have every taste, whether it's happiness, fun, suffering, sadness, and helps to encourage the love of the two. whether to be able to support love through these obstacles or not.

Present Perfect Continuous Tense (2013) Plot

Jing (Setthapong), a young man who discovered his love from adolescence, just like any other child, but his love does not occur in the same generation as others. Aerm (Lalita), a woman who is 20 years older than him, although their love seems unlikely. But the two tried to fine-tune and do a lot for each other. until it is an enviable love in the eyes of anyone.

Jing does everything he can to show that he is mature enough to take care of his girlfriend. As Bib tries to use every minute he has to be together. As the clock moves The time of happiness had come and gone quickly. A young boy like Jing started to grow up and a young woman like Bib began to wither. When some efforts make love life get tiring When another person's reason is just another person's excuse leading to the question The more you fight, the more you understand each other, or the more you fight, the less you know each other. In the end, will the love of both of them survive or not...40+20 I am in love...Which sentence is the promise that I love you?

Present Perfect Continuous Tense (2013) Cast

  • Lalita

A 40-year-old widow shortly after divorcing. She returned to Thailand. to become a special English teacher Then one day, she became close with a 6th grade student named "Jing" before the closeness weaved a bond into love. between teacher and student Bib has a habit of being negligent, jealous, thinks a lot, likes to plan, loves to win, loves watching movies and drawing as his life, is addicted to his girlfriend, is a daughter who is not very close to his mother, often does not consult at home.

  • Jing (Setthapong)

4th year student studying communication arts majoring in film likes photography like to go to the sea A person who tries not to think too much. Do whatever makes you happy. I'm addicted to friends but I love my boyfriend a very lucky person Born into a warm family, but deep down, he was just a child. who wants to be big enough for someone The promise might not change anything. big for a fox but will make him mature enough to understand the true adult

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