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Pokémon Detective Pikachu (2019)


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Pokémon: Detective Pikachu is a 2019 mystical fantasy film directed by Rob Letterman and screenwriter alongside Benji Samit, Dan Hernandez and Derek Connolly, adapted from the game of the same name. The film is co-produced by the United States and Japan with producers Legendary Pictures and The Pokémon Company, by Toho and Warner Bros. Pictures released. This is the first live-action movie in the Pokémon franchise. Ryan Reynolds voiced the character of the same detective film Pikachu, along with Justice Smith, Kathryn Newton, and Ken Watanabe in the character roles.

The film debuted in RealD 3D on May 10, 2019, making it the first Pokémon movie to receive a theatrical release in the United States, and for the first time being distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures since Pokémon 3: The Movie in 2001. and with a PG rating from the MPAA, this is also the first Pokémon movie released in the United States to not receive the group's G rating. Detective Pikachu has received mixed reviews from critics, who praised Reynolds's creature designs and performance, but criticized the plot as the standard. The film is the best-rated live action film of a video game on Rotten Tomatoes. It also received positive feedback from audiences polled by CinemaScore and PostTrak


The opening of the film takes place in a Pokemon lab where Mewtwo is kept - an artificial Pokemon with DNA from a legendary Pokemon Mew. In an unexplained incident, Mewtwo managed to free himself and with his tremendous power destroyed the research facility, at the same time escaped and chased after a car of Harry Goodman that had just left. After an attack, the car exploded and was thrown off the bridge.

Tim Goodman - a 21-year-old insurance salesman (played by Justice Smith) - who gave up his dream of becoming a Pokemon trainer after his mother died and lacked the care of his father Harry Goodman. After hearing his father's accident, he left for Ryme - Created by Howard Cliff, a very busy city where humans and Pokemon can live together. - for the purpose of further investigation of his father's accident. When he entered Harry's apartment, while curious, Tim accidentally opened a purple potion labeled R to, blew it around and cause the Aipom's inhalation to suddenly become violent. While searching for the remaining evidence in the house, Tim accidentally comes across a very strange Pikachu that can think and communicate with him. The two then sell alive and die to escape the frantic Aipom chasing them. After successfully escaping and the Aipom returned to normal, the two enter a bar to talk. Pikachu revealed that he is actually suffering from amnesia, he only knows that he used to be Harry's detective partner. Pikachu advised Tim that it is possible his father was still alive after the accident because so far there is no clear evidence. After that, he decided to team up with Tim to find the cause of Harry's death.

Tim accidentally met Lucy Stevens - a female reporter apprentice - who is also reporting about the mysterious accident of Harry. She then led the two to Ryme Wharf and encountered a clown Pokemon called Mr. Mime, which is also an old colleague of Pikachu. By "professional interrogation measures" for Mr. Mime, a pokemon that imagines situations by itself, makes it open to the clue of the purple potion in Harry's room. The clue leads them to an illegal Pokemon arena led by Sebastian. His Charizard had lost to Pikachu once before, so when he saw the Tim - Pika couple appeared, he immediately challenged the fight again. He pulled out the smooth purple potion R and let Charizard inhale to become more violent. While Pikachu seems to have forgotten all about his fighting skills, he only knows how to run around and avoid attacks. Tim is not feeling well, so he has to storm the arena to disperse Charizard and find a way to escape. In the confusion, Sebastian accidentally spills the purple potion - R and causes it to spread throughout the arena, causing all present Pokemon to lose control and turn the arena into chaos. Before exiting the arena, Tim and Pikachu tried to force Sabastian to tell him where he got the stimulant, claiming it was from a "Doctor".

Shortly thereafter, the couple was arrested by the police and confronted Hideo Yoshida. He confirmed once again to Tim that no one survived the accident and advised him to give up the idea of ​​looking for his father.

Tim and Pika were then taken to see Howard Clifford and his female bodyguard Ms. Norman. Using extremely modern 3D rendering technology, he showed Tim the real job his father was doing and he did not die right after the accident, but in fact the car was attacked by Mewtwo and he was It captures, while also revealing that Pikachu's amnesia is also taken by Mewtwo. Howard also warns the group of his son - Roger, who hates Pokemon, vows to take control of the company and the city of Ryme.

Tim then reunites with Lucy and her pokemon Psyduck, and the quartet decide to go on an expedition to the research facility where Harry used to work. They discovered that the "Doctor" who sold the R purple potion to Sebastian named Ann Laurent, a scientist assisted by Harry, was currently doing research on Mewtwo that had just been captured after 20 years in hiding.


Ryan Reynolds voices Detective Pikachu, and plays Tim's father, Harry Goodman.

Reynolds also plays Harry Goodman, Tim's missing father, a former police detective.

Ōtani Ikue voices Pikachu when someone other than Tim hears it.

Justice Smith as Tim Goodman, a young man looking for his missing father. He is Detective Pikachu's companion, and the only person who can understand Pikachu.

Max Fincham as a 12-year-old Tim

Bill Nighy as Howard Clifford, who has a bad vision of the city of Rhume and the founder of the business Clifford Enterprises.

Chris Geere as Roger Clifford, the son of Howard and the director of the business Clifford Enterprises.

Kathryn Newton as Lucy Stevens, a reporter who often carries a Psyduck with him.

Ken Watanabe as Lt. Yoshida, a police lieutenant from Ryme City and a friend of Harry Goodman.

Karan Soni as Jack, a friend of Tim and also a Pokemon trainer.

Omar Chaparro as Sebastian, a Pokemon trainer who built an arena for Pokemon and often accompanied Charizard.

Rita Ora as Ann Laurent, a PhD working in Clifford Enterprises and the Mewtwo experiment.

Suki Waterhouse as Ms. Norman, Howard's assistant and accomplice.

Josette Simon as "Grams", Tim's grandmother, used to take care of him after his mother died.


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