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Nameless was an orphan and falls for a blind model Bitter. He has mastered the technique of gambling and becomes famous. However, his buddy Chun set him up. Nameless is hit by a criminal boss to blind. At this time, Bitter comes back after successful eye surgery and finds Nameless in the slum. He swears to take revenge and declares a life-and-death battle against Chun, even sacrifices Bitter...

Synopsis and Plot Summary

The supposed third in the “Gambling Saint” series is a surprising entry. Despite the paws of Aman Cheung, Wong Jing, and funnyman Nick Cheung, this entry eschews all-out farce and walks the tightrope into darkness, allowing some rough stuff to permeate this otherwise standard gambling flick.

Nick Cheung is Nobody, a gambling wiz who falls in love with a blind model named Candy (Shu Qi). Meanwhile, he and his partners (including that versatile Wong Jing) go to work for the dastardly Lung Fong, who’s a top gang boss in Shenzen. He hires Nobody to swindle high-rollers at his Shenzen casino. However, things go to hell when Candy’s dad (Hui Siu-Hung) arrives at the casino with stolen money from Candy’s account - which was supposed to pay for her eye surgery.

Nobody helps out Pop, but that sets in motion a series of events that can only be described as harrowing. Nobody goes down in a big way and he attempts to struggle back, even invoking the classic line “I want to get back what I lost.” Cue Better Tomorrow theme music.

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