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Mortal Kombat (2021)


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Mortal Kombat (2021) Review

ABOUT Mortal Kombat 2021

Mortal Kombat is an upcoming American film in the genre of martial arts mixed fiction. The film is directed by Simon McQuoid, along with writers Greg Russo and Dave Callaham, developing on the plot of Oren Uziel and Russo. The film is a work based on the game series of the same name by Ed Boon and John Tobias. The main actors in the movie include Lewis Tan, Jessica McNamee, Josh Lawson, Tadanobu Asano, Mehcad Brooks, Ludi Lin, Chin Han, Joe Taslim, and Hiroyuki Sanada.

Mortal Kombat 2021 SYNOPSIS

Mortal Kombat simply talks about the life-and-death war between the two factions of the "realm" and the "outer". Every time a certain period of time, the people of the world will have to engage with evil people in the foreign world who are always trying to usurp and control humanity. The warriors participating in this fierce victory and defeat must be the ones "chosen" and carry a noble dragon birthmark. To "qualify" to join the war, they have to go through harsh hardening at a secret base to find out the hidden supernatural power in themselves.

In Mortal Kombat 2021, the storyline will be deployed based on the heroic journey of Cole Young, a martial artist who is on a career slump. Cole did not know that he was a descendant of the greatest ninja in the world, Hanzo Hasashi, wearing a dragon mark. Only when he was hunted by Sub-zero, an ancestral enemy of his ancestors before the 10th battle of Mortal Kombat, did Cole Young have the opportunity to meet other warriors and realize his identity and mission to protect the universe. The context in Mortal Kombat 2021 shows that the foreign world has won 9 consecutive matches and only 1 battle to death to take control of the human world. So instead of waiting, the evil of the foreign world with the leadership of the shaman Thuong Tong chose to play ambush and take the lives of all the warriors in the realm before the match. The ancient gods were originally out of the war circle. But before the extravagance of the foreign world, lord Raiden had to intervene to bring the outcome of the war back to justice.

Mortal Kombat 2021 CAST

Joe Taslim was the first actor to be revealed when filming began in July 2019, playing the role of ninja Sub-Zero. In August of that same year, Mehcad Brooks, Tadanobu Asano, Sisi Stringer and Ludi Lin were announced to play Jax, Raiden, Mileena and Liu Kang respectively. A month later, Josh Lawson, Jessica McNamee, Chin Han and Hiroyuki Sanada joined the project, taking on the roles of Kano, Sonya Blade, Shang Tsung and Scorpion respectively. In addition to the characters available from the game, the film also has a character named Cole Young, played by Lewis Tan.

  • Lewis Tan as Cole Young
  • Jessica McNamee as Sonya Blade
  • Mehcad Brooks as Major Jackson "Jax" Briggs
  • Ludi Lin as Liu Kang
  • Max Huang as Kung Lao
  • Tadanobu Asano as Raiden
  • Josh Lawson as Kano
  • Chin Han as Shang Tsung
  • Joe Taslim as Bi-Han / Sub-Zero
  • Hiroyuki Sanada as Hanzo Hasashi / Scorpion
  • Sisi Stringer as Mileena
  • Daniel Nelson as Kabal
  • Elissa Cadwell as Nitara
  • Matilda Kimber as Emily Young
  • Laura Brent as Alison Young