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Minnal Murali 2021

Minnal Murali (transl. Lightning Murali) is a 2021 Indian Malayalam-language superhero film directed by Basil Joseph and produced by Sophia Paul, under the banner of Weekend Blockbusters. The script is written by Arun Anirudhan and Justin Mathew. The film stars Tovino Thomas and Guru Somasundaram. It follows the life of Jaison, a young tailor who gains superpowers after being struck by lightning, and transforms into a superhero.

The film was formally announced in January 2019, but due to the extensive pre-production works, the film's principal photography took place during December 2019. Though shooting got disrupted twice following the two waves of the COVID-19 pandemic and the vandalism of a church set by right-wing groups, the makers managed to complete the shoot within July 2021. The film was predominantly shot in Kerala, with few sequences being shot at Hassan in Karnataka. The music of the film was composed by Shaan Rahman and Sushin Shyam, with Shyam also composing the background score, whereas cinematography of the film was handled by Sameer Thahir and editing done by Livingston Mathew.

The film was set for a theatrical release in late 2020, but was postponed multiple times due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In September 2021, the makers announced that the film will be released directly through the streaming platform Netflix on 24 December 2021, as a result of COVID-19 pandemic.[2] The film premiered at the Mumbai Film Festival on 16 December, before its release on Netflix. The film has been released in Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Hindi and English languages.


Jaison, a young tailor from the village of Kurukkanmoola, dreams of building a career in the United States. Sub-Inspector of police Saajan forbids Jaison to date his daughter Bincy, with who Jaison is in a relationship with, and tells him that she is already engaged to Aneesh. Aneesh's ex-girlfriend ""Bruce Lee"" Biji is also angry that Aneesh had broken up with her. Meanwhile, Shibu is a social outcast who works in a teashop. Shibu is obsessed with Usha, the sister of Daasan who works in Jaison's father's tailor shop, to the point of stalking her regularly. Usha has a daughter, who needs an urgent medical operation but Usha does not have the money to pay for the operation. On Christmas Eve, a lightning bolt simultaneously strikes Jaison, who is arguing with Saajan, and Shibu, who is stalking Usha. Jaison is rushed to the hospital, but to everyone's surprise, he is seemingly unharmed.

In the following days, Jaison and Shibu show signs of superpowers. Jaison's nephew, Josemon, comes to the conclusion that Jaison gained superpowers after being hit by the lightning. One day, Jaison's brother-in-law Constable Siby Pothan gets into a fight with his wife and hits her. Enraged by this, Jaison pushes Pothan and the latter falls into a well and everyone present is shocked by his strength. Usha comes to Shibu's teashop where the owner makes a move on Usha. Shibu is enraged and threatens him with his new telekinetic powers, asking him to stay away from her. Meanwhile, Jaison's plans to go to the United States come to an unexpected halt after his passport verification doesn't go through after Saajan meddles with it. Saajan reveals that Varkey is not Jaison's real father. Jaison's real father is Martin, an actor who died while Jaison was young when the set of the village play caught fire. Varkey saw the young Jaison and felt pity for him, raising Jaison as his own son.

In the present, Jaison is heartbroken after hearing the news. Varkey tells Jaison that he didn't reveal the truth earlier as he feared that Jaison would abandon him. Jaison realizes that Saajan had hit Varkey. Jaison is enraged and with the help of Josemon, disguises himself with a mask and goes to Josemon's school's anniversary where many policemen, including Saajan, are present. Jaison, wearing the costume, attacks the policemen. He writes the name Minnal Murali on the front curtain of the stage the anniversary event was held, named after a character in Martin's unfinished play. Meanwhile, Usha's daughter faints and is taken to the hospital. The doctor tells Usha that her daughter needs to start the operation on her now or else she might die. Shibu arrives and tells the doctor that he will pay for the operation. To acquire the money, Shibu also wears a mask and robs the local bank as Jaison attacks the policemen, pinning this incident on 'Minnal Murali.' When Shibu gives the money to the hospital, the doctor tells that Daasan had already paid for it. Meanwhile, Pothan finds out that Jaison is 'Minnal Murali,' but Saajan does not believe him. Jaison had been saving money, keeping it in his tailor shop, but it has disappeared the same day. Jaison realizes that Daasan had stolen the money for the operation. Jaison argues with Daasan and gives him a deadline to give him the money back before that evening. Meanwhile, Usha slowly warms up to Shibu but Daasan rejects him. Jaison realizes his mistake and goes to Daasan to apologize. Shibu comes to Jaison's store and accused Daasan of being the obstacle between his and Usha's relationship. Shibu burns down the store, killing Daasan, and then once again blames 'Minnal Murali' for the crime.

Jaison reveals to Biji that he is 'Minnal Murali'. Biji and Josemon decide to help Jaison prove to the villagers that he is not the one who robbed the bank and killed Daasan while also finding the imposter. The police and Jaison view footage of the store, the night Daasan died, at the police station to see the identity of 'Minnal Murali,' but the power goes out the exact moment they are about to find Shibu. Shibu, wearing a mask, ambushes the police station in an attempt to destroy the video record, the only evidence to show that he is the impostor, but Jaison as 'Minnal Murali' attacks him and steals the Video Cassette. Jaison and Shibu take their fight to a bus, where Shibu bests Jaison due to him having telekinesis, which Jaison does not have. Shibu destroys the cassette and escapes. However, in the altercation, the bus driver hits his head and dies, which leads to the bus not stopping before reaching the edge of a cliff, dangling precariously off of it, but Jaison saves the bus, which gains him a few villagers' respect. Jaison and Shibu start investigating and they find out each other's identity. Saajan and the police force arrive to arrest Shibu as they found out that Shibu is the impersonator but Shibu scares them away. Pothan finds a picture with 'Minnal Murali' in it and shows it to Saajan. Saajan believes Pothan's findings and arrests Jaison. Usha comes to Shibu's house and realizes Shibu's love for her and reciprocates it. Shibu sees a mob outside his home and tries to stop them, but unknown to Shibu, his house slowly catches on fire. A barrel full of firecrackers catch fire, causing his house to explode, killing Usha and her daughter and injuring Shibu. A now-psychotic Shibu, goes to a church where the villagers are and kills many people while trapping many others, including Josemon, planning to burn them alive for revenge. The police is alerted about the situation, and Saajan frees Jaison as he realizes that Jaison is the only one who can stop Shibu. Jaison wears a supersuit, goes to the church, and confronts Shibu. Jaison succumbs to Shibu's telekinesis once again, but Jaison has second wind after remembering his father, awakening telekinesis. Jaison and Shibu clash again, ending in Jaison impaling Shibu with a prop spear, killing Shibu instantly. Jaison finally gets appreciation from the villagers while Biji puts out the fire. The film ends with Jaison telling the audience that many more villains will come in the future, but 'Minnal Murali' will be there to protect the villagers.

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