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About Love Battle (2019)

  • Movie: Love Battle
  • Country: Thailand
  • Release Date: Jun 20, 2019
  • Duration: 2 hr. 10 min.
  • Content Rating: 13+ - Teens 13 or older
  • Native Title: รัก 2 ปี ยินดีคืนเงิน
  • Also Known As: Rak Song Pee Yindee Khuen Ngern , Thach Yeu 2 Nam
  • Genres: Comedy, Romance
  • IMDB: 5.9 /10 (37 reviews)
  • Google: 30/100

    Love Battle (2019) plot

    Plot: The film is about the confrontation of a girl Jepp who believes in true love and her boss - Tan - believes in numbers. Two people bet each other to see if after 1 year, the rate of couples buying love insurance from their company will reach 50% or not? Just briefly, you will understand more about the movie's content when you go to the cinema.

If you judge a good movie, it's not right, but if it's bad, it's wrong. The movie is kind of floating, watching it temporarily, but it's not good or too special. If there was no end of the movie to carry the team, the movie would definitely be scored by me for a crappy comedy, good luck. If compared with Friendzone , the 2 year love challenge is far behind you guys. The content of this film follows couples who buy insurance to understand why they break up and then deliver messages about love. That's why the feeling of watching this movie is very vague, especially between the male and female leads, not as deep as Loving the wrong best friend. The comedy element of Love Battle is also a bit overdone, old and forced. You think that the kind of comedy that Thai ghost movies usually do is that this movie uses such a ridiculous, ridiculous type of comedy. Watching movies can't laugh naturally and is already like Friendzone .

The movie also contains a lot of absurd details, as if it had to be done to push the character into the climax, but in real life, no one has ever acted like that. Because the film's fiction is too high, it feels like it's not close to real life. The old movie tip is easy to guess, conveys many messages about love that you can learn a few things to contemplate for yourself, even though you have heard these things over and over again in the newspapers and books. .

Love insurance service is advertised quite strongly in this movie. The filmmakers do not deny that you should buy or not buy this type of insurance, but surely after this movie, love insurance will be more known and quite hot for you to watch. I give this part 6.5/10 .

Image – Sound: 2 Years of Love has a very beautiful, bright and eye-catching film color along with an interesting way of shooting and transitioning. Thanks to the creative way of shooting (shooting in the style of the movie Genius Rogue), you will feel less bored with the regular and continuous flow of the film.

The music is the best part of the movie, with all kinds of music coming together extremely catchy, from symphonies, to pop and even rap. The combination of sound and image of the movie is very good, making you feel the movie is better than what the movie content brings. This part I give you 8.5/10 .

Acting: The actors in the film are all handsome and beautiful boys, acting well and cute, although there are many scenes where it looks dramatic and ridiculous. Hey, watch the movie to learn how to pose for a new photo - this style will probably be hot in the future. Addictive review rate this part 7/10 guys!

In short , Love Battle 2 years - Love Battle is not excellent, lovely and entertaining as people praise, the movie is just average, can't be compared with Bad Genius or Friendzone . The film has many messages about love, especially when it comes to love, don't calculate too much, choose your heart and take fewer risks. Finally, the movie is like a pr for that love insurance service– it is expected that the companies providing this service in Vietnam will do well in the near future.

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