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In 1944, during World War II, an American pilot Hank Marlowe and a Japanese pilot, Ikura Junpei, parachuted together to an island in the South Pacific after an air battle. When Junping chased Hank to the edge of the cliff, he tried to kill him, but a giant orangutan called "King Kong" suddenly appeared, leaving the two dumbfounded. With the end of World War II, in 1973, after the United States launched an artificial satellite, it accidentally discovered the island in the South Pacific region, calling this secret place "Skull Island." After Bill Rhonda, a senior executive of the "Project Monarch" investigating ancient giant creatures, was authorized by the government to explore this island that no one had ever set foot in, he came to Da Nang, Vietnam to hire former British Special Air Service Captain James Conry as The tracker and the army led by US Lieutenant Colonel Preston Packard served as escorts, and their team had just prepared to withdraw their troops from the Vietnam War and return home. The expedition included Mason Weaver, a pacifist female field journalist. She believed that the expedition was some sort of classified military operation and came to investigate voluntarily.

The expedition left by boat from Bangkok, Thailand, and arrived at Skull Island after several days of crossing the sea, but also found that the island was surrounded by a huge storm. Under the escort of Packard's helicopter squadron "Sky Devils", the crowd travelled through the storm to Skull Island and moved in groups on the island. One group is responsible for surrounding and observing the surrounding environment; while the other group drops bombs so that scientists can observe the changes in the earth's crust and know that the ground is "hollow." However, the successive bomb explosions alarmed King Kong on the island, causing it to attack the army in order to protect the territory. After the weapons were ineffective against King Kong, all helicopters were shot down by King Kong like flying flies. After witnessing that most of his subordinates died in the hands of King Kong, Packard met with the surviving subordinates who had crashed nearby and vowed to destroy King Kong to avenge his men.

When Kang Rui led the survivors including Weaver and Rhonda's two colleagues Buros and Sun Lin to the ruins deep in the forest, he met the indigenous Iwe and the elderly Hank Marlow. Marlow took them to the indigenous villages on the banks of the river, explaining that King Kong was sealed as the god and guardian of Skull Island, and its mission is to protect the island from other large carnivores, especially hiding in the hollow of the island for many years. The monster group "Skullcrawlers" (Skullcrawlers). In order to rush to the evacuation helicopter that will be coming three days later, Kang Rui and his team began to rush to work on the ship that Marlow had put together with the wreckage of the fighter plane. When the ship was completed, Marlowe went to the tomb of the dead Junping to say goodbye, and then bid farewell to the natives and embarked on a departure journey. On the way across the river, satellite expert Victor Neves was torn apart by a group of flying beasts. The others managed to meet Packard in the forest, but Packard insisted to rescue the soldiers trapped on the other side. Jack Chapman. At the same time, Chapman, who was alone in the forest, was eaten by a lurking skeleton creeper while he was traveling.

Everyone walked to the natural gas zone where a large pile of bones were piled up. The bones included King Kong's dead parents. A skeletal creeper just attacked the territory. On the way, Chapman's skull was spit out and Rhonda was eaten and several soldiers were killed. Weaver passed a lighter Ignite the natural gas to kill it. Packard, who learned of Chapman's death, began to lose his mind and insisted on taking his remaining team to kill King Kong; the two teams parted ways. Packard and others found the diary and military cards left by Chapman, and obtained a large amount of explosives from his helicopter, and began to set up traps to kill King Kong. When Kang Rui and Weaver came to the cliff to investigate, they happened to meet King Kong and found that it was actually not hostile to humans. Packard ignited the flames of war in the distance to declare war on it, waiting for King Kong to burn the gas when he ran into the lake, and was ready to press the explosive detonator to destroy it in one fell swoop. Driven by sympathy, Kang Rui and Weaver returned to stop them. The remaining soldiers decided to defy Packard after being persuaded by them. However, the largest skeleton crawler was attracted by the explosion and crawled out of the lake. Packard, who went his own way, was caught. The sober King Kong punched to death.

Everyone ran directly in the direction of the ship, but the skeleton crawler quickly caught up with Kang Rui's group. The soldier Cole detonated the grenade alone and intended to die with it. King Kong was accidentally trapped in the shipwreck when he rushed to the battle with the skeleton creeper. Bulos and Sun Lin sailed back to fight with others, while Weaver stood on the top of the mountain and fired a flare to interfere with the skeleton creeper. After King Kong got out of his body, he pulled out the tongue of the Skeleton Crawler with its inner capsule and completely killed it. Weaver also fell into a coma in the lake, and was finally rescued by Kang Rui after being pulled ashore by King Kong. After the war, everyone set sail and left the territory of Skull Island. Under King Kong's gaze, they were rescued by a group of oncoming rescue helicopters.


  • Tom Hiddleston as James Conrad: A former British special aviation service captain who served with the Australian Special Aviation Corps in the Vietnam War, Landa hired the regiment as the hunter-stalker of the expedition. Hiddleston described his character as a person who "has no political loyalty in the conflict" but who "understands the conflict." He further pointed out: "He is a former soldier, formed through an understanding of war, but his specific skills are closely related to the power of nature; I think this is something that people have not seen for a long time."
  • Samuel L. Jackson as Preston Packard: The U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel and the Squadron Captain of the Demon Helicopter were designated as military escorts for the expedition. Jackson compared his role with Captain Ahab from Moby-Dick. He said: "He does have to take revenge on the lost to a certain degree. This is just the essence of our operation, an eye for an eye!"
  • John Goodman (John Goodman) as Will "Bill" Randa: A senior official from the government organization Monarch was in charge of the expedition.
  • Brie Larson as Mason Weaver: Anti-war photographer and photojournalist. Larson said that her role to join the expedition has her own "motivation": "This is what makes this movie interesting. It's a group of intricate stories, all looking at the same thing from different angles. You will see How many different views on nature and how we should treat nature have been dealt with from many different perspectives.” Larson further added that Weaver has “interest and respect for nature” and “because she has a closer, more intimate and friendly relationship with Kong” An intimate relationship."
  • Sedum plays San Lin: Biologist working for the monarch. According to Vogt-Roberts and Borenstein, her role was initially larger, but it was reduced after the rewrite. Alison de Souza of The Straits Times wrote that in the last film, the character of Sedum was described in Chinese as a "vase" (vase), which means a vase and refers to The part is irrelevant, she "hardly does or says a thing."
  • Toby Kebbell as Jack Chapman: The U.S. Army Major and Seamaster helicopter pilot were Packard's right-hand man. [14]
  • John Ortiz as Victor Nieves: A senior official of the expedition team in Landsat.
  • Corey Hawkins (Corey Hawkins) as Houston Brooks: Monarch hired geologists and Yale University graduates for his groundbreaking seismology theory [14]. The old version portrayed by Joe Morton appears in Godzilla: King of Monsters.
  • Jason Mitchell as Glenn Mills: Warrant officer, Helicopter's helicopter pilot and Cole's good friend.
  • Thomas Mann as Reg Slivko: Warrant officer of the Sky Demon, famous for carrying portable record players.
  • Terry Notary and Toby Kebbell as Kong (mo-cap performance): The 104-foot-tall gorilla is the last of its kind and is regarded as the king and god by the Iwe on Skull Island. The notary said that the King Kong was in puberty, and he tried to play King Kong like a "14-year-old boy trapped in the adult life" and said that it would take three days to film the motion capture scene. In addition to playing the role of Chapman, Toby Kebbell also provided some facial references for Kong. He said: "I provided some facial references-some nuances, some appearances. Terry and I researched and created what Kong needed. Something. Terry really wants to get detailed information. It’s an honor for people who have outstanding performance to ask him to help them perform."
  • John C. Reilly as Hank Marlow: Since World War II, the lieutenant of the 45th Tracking Squadron of the US Army has been stranded on Skull Island for nearly 29 years. He knows the creatures of the island and is a friend of the native Ivy. Will Brittain plays the young Hank Marlow and plays Marlow's son.


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