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Friends Never Die (2012)


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Friends Never Die (2012) Information

  • Movie: Friends Never Die
  • Country: Thailand
  • Release Date: Jan 19, 2012
  • Duration: 1 hr. 48 min.
  • Native Title: มึงกู เพื่อนกันจนวันตาย
  • Also Known As: Meung Gu or Meung Guu Paean Gun Jon Wan Tai , มึงกู เพื่อนกันจนวันตาย , Friends Never Die , My True Friend , My Friend 'till I di , Mueng Ku
  • Genres: Action, Friendship, School, Youth, Drama.

    Friends Never Die (2012) Plot

  • A film that will prove the difference between thug and man and what it means to be Friend, it tells the story of a teenage life that takes place between “one” and “two” boys with completely different personalities. "Kan", a young man who is seen by people around him as a "bad boy" because he is the ringleader in a group of friends who like to contend with quarrels, but the girls scream at their handsome, cool and wealthy status.
  • " Kan " is the only child. of the owner of a five-star hotel that parents spend more money to support than love and care causing each other to grow up alone So he tried to grab the love and warmth of his friends. Unlike normal teenagers, he values ​​the love between friends more than young love, even with "L".
  • "Two", a young boy who was raised by a strict mother. He had never made any decisions on his own. Lack of freedom made him an introvert. Although he was very fussy, there was no way out. Until his mother remarried, he used this as an excuse to move to Chiang Mai to study with his sister. because he did not want to live with his stepfather
  • First day of school opening Two got to know "Naem", a roommate. The first thing Nam warned the other two was to be careful and not get close to each other. Because they are the badguys of the provincial level teenagers,Nam introduces them to a senior friend like "Dew" who attends the same college. The two liked Dew at first sight. I'm also very interested in both of them. But the love between the two and Dew is blocked by a group of senior students. two were attacked The fear made the two retreat and dodge Dew.
  • Kan secretly saw the second story being bullied. Decided to invite two to join the Sperm gang, which has Ka, Tod, Nick, Champ, Arm, Beer as members of the gang.
  • Two's lifestyles have completely changed. when they joined each other's gang Two learn about the dark life of teenagers who like to fight with each other. trial and error the meaning of the word friend and the difference between the word gang and man
  • How can friendships between friends and manly fights lead Kan, two, and friends through this age of violence?

    Friends Never Die (2012) Cast

  • Starring : Mario Maurer, Mouse Natcha Chanthaphan, Momonchanok Saengchaipiangpen, Boss Nawapaiboon Wutthananont, Kai Sirapop Dao Ngoen, Joke Rakchawan Marikasonthi, Aye Kamonnet Ruangsri, Bae Lala Ranee Kampen, Phum Rangseethananon, Pathomthat Sudprasert, Kittipat Samantrakulchai, Waris Limatiboon
  • Directed by : Atsachan Satkowit

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