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Fantastic Four Rise Of The Silver Surfer (2007)


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Fantastic Four Rise Of The Silver Surfer (2007) Review


Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer is the sequel to the 2005 Fantastic Four film directed by Tim Story. It is based on the Galactus trilogy published in issues 48 to 59 (March to May 1966) of the Fantastic 4 comic and its 2006 update, Ultimate Extinction.1 Ioan Gruffudd, Jessica Alba, Chris Evans, and Michael Chiklis co- star in the film in their Fantastic 4 roles, while Julian McMahon and Kerry Washington as Victor von Doom / Dr. Doom and Alicia Masters respectively. Beau Garrett stars as Frankie Raye and Doug Jones as Norrin Radd / Silver Surfer and with Laurence Fishburne as the voice of Silver Surfer. The movie made a profit of $ 289 million. It was released on DVD and Blu-Ray on October 2, 2007.


The Fantastic Four, already established as heroes, are concerned about Reed and Sue's wedding, which seems more like a public celebration of the media billed as the event of the year than a private moment of love. The marriage between Reed Richards and Sue Storm, called Mr. Fantastic and The Invisible Woman and the groomsmen being their wrestling companions, Sue's brother, Johnny Storm, nicknamed The Human Torch, and Reed's best friend, Ben Grimm, now known as La Mole and his now girlfriend, Alicia Reiss Masters, the blind sculptor.

But a kind of silver flash is affecting the world in climate and ecology and that has passed through several planets practically destroying them. However, this news remains in the background in favor of the wedding of Richards and Storm. The silver flash rests on Latveria, causing a great and unfortunate event: the resurrection of Victor Von Doom.

At Reed's bachelor party, General Hager (Mr. Fantastic's school enemy) appears. He asks the Fantastic 4 for help (initially from Reed, but later he will need all the help possible) to unravel the mystery. Reed refuses since his commitment is more important, but he secretly makes a radar to capture the silver flash that has energy similar to the cosmic radiation that gave the powers to Johnny, Sue, Ben and Reed himself.

At the wedding, Alicia, La Mole's blind girlfriend, brings to light Johnny's problem when he sees his sister and his friend get married, Ben has a girlfriend and, ultimately, everyone is stabilizing and forming their families except he. The wedding starts, but is not finished as the silver flash is tracked by radar and knocked him out of power, just as it destroyed the wedding. But this is the least of the worries, because they unknowingly face their biggest challenge to date when an enigmatic and mysterious intergalactic herald named Silver Surfer, arrives from space and causes strange phenomena on Earth.

Johnny goes to chase the threat and meets Silver Surfer, who takes him to the end of the world then when he falls he lands in the Cairo desert, later Reed is confronted by Sue for not telling him anything about the energy tracker, then Sue is going to know how Johnny was, but as a result of his encounter with Silver Surfer this weakened falls to the street, Sue immediately goes down to the street and tries to console Johnny, however when she touches his forehead, they unexpectedly exchange their powers, causing Sue to turn into the Human Torch, and begins to soar, Johnny tries to help her but suddenly becomes invisible to her surprise. At the moment that Sue is floating in flames, Reed was passing through the room and is surprised to see Sue on fire, but when he tries to help her enter, she goes back down to the street, then Reed goes to the ground floor he asks her to Sue, which was what happened after touching Johnny, Immediately Reed orders Johnny to touch her again which causes both of them to regain their respective powers, however to Sue's bad luck, she ends up totally naked (since her clothes were burned) in front of everyone on the street so he decides to become invisible when he finds himself in such a situation. Later Reed's tests reveal that Sue's results are normal, but Johnny's on the other hand have something different, since his direct encounter with Silver Surfer affected his molecules making them unstable and constantly fluctuating, which caused him to exchange his powers with Sue. At that moment Ben tries to test if it is true and touches Johnny and they exchange their powers making Ben normal and now with Johnny's powers, instead Johnny becomes rock for his bad taste, but again Johnny touches him again and his respective powers showing that he can exchange his powers with anyone until he touches them again. This creates another conflict for Johnny, who has to stay away from others so as not to accidentally swap his powers with someone and spoil plans, but the only one who doesn't seem to mind such a problem is Ben.


Ioan Gruffudd - Dr. Reed Richards / Sr. Fantastic

Jessica Alba - Susan 'Sue' Storm / The Invisible Woman

Chris Evans - Jonathan 'Johnny' Storm / The Human Torch

Michael Chiklis - Benjamin 'Ben' Grimm / La Mole

Doug Jones - Norrin Radd / Silver Surfer (voiced by Laurence Fishburne)

Julian McMahon - Dr. Victor Von Doom / Doctor Doom

Kerry Washington - Alicia Masters

Beau Garrett - Captain Frankie Raye