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Fantastic Four (2005)


Fantastic Four (2005) Cast

Fantastic Four (2005) Review


Fantastic Four is a superhero film adapted from the comic book of the same name by Marvel Comics. The film is directed by Tim Story and distributed by 20th Century Fox. Although the film achieved good results, the film was criticized by critics for the lack of originality in the plot. However, it still has a sequel called Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, which was released in 2007.


Reed Richards is a doctor of physics, he discovered a cosmic cloud bringing energy closer to the earth. Richards persuaded Dr. Victor von Doom, his former classmate at MIT and now CEO of Von Doom Industries, to allow him to board Doom's space station to see the effects of a biological organism upon contact. contact with the cloud. Doom agreed on the condition that he had control over the experiment and for the profit it could bring. Along with astronaut Ben Grimm, his ex-girlfriend Susan Storm and her younger brother Johnny, they participated in the test. However, the cloud arrived before the time Richards had predicted, just as Grimm was in space to place the samples. Grimm is directly affected by the cloud while the others are less affected by being inside the ship. When they return to Earth, they discover they have special abilities: Richards can stretch her body like rubber, Susan Storm can become invisible and create an energy source as a shield, Johnny Storm was able to ignite and fly by itself, and Grimm became a rockman with invincible strength. Meanwhile, Doom received a backlash from the company's shareholders after the experiment's failure, and he also suffered a scar on his face. On the Brooklyn Bridge, while saving a man who wanted to commit suicide, Grimm accidentally caused a serious traffic chaos. At this time, Richards and the Storm sisters are also present and they use their abilities to save many people. The four became famous and began to be called the Fantastic Four. However, Grimm still cannot accept their new form, so they return to Richards' laboratory to re-examine each person's abilities and find a way to help Grimm return to normal. Meanwhile, Doom also discovers his mutation, when his hand gradually becomes as hard as metal and is capable of firing electric currents. He also began to blame Richards for failing the experiment that led to the bankruptcy of his company. At the lab, Richards says he can create a machine that can recreate a hurricane and reverse its effects on the body. Doom also began plotting his revenge, breaking Grimm's relationship with Richard and when Richard finished the machine, he quickly reverted Grimm back to human form (so that he was no longer able to interfere. him), at the same time he increases his abilities, turning his entire body into metal. Von Doom calls himself Doctor Doom and wears a mask to hide his disfigured face. He captured and tortured Richards, firing a rocket to kill Johnny, but without success. Grimm wants to save Richards, so he decides to return to his rock form and joins Susan to attack Doom. In the end, 4 people also defeated him and turned him into an iron statue. Richard proposed to Susan and was accepted. The film ends with a cargo ship, inside it is a statue of Doom, and a sign that he is still alive.


Ioan Gruffudd... Reed Richards

Jessica Alba... Susan Storm

Chris Evans... Johnny Storm

Michael Chiklis... Ben Grimm

Julian McMahon... Victor von Doom


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