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Empty House - 3 Iron (2004)


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Empty House - 3 Iron Information

  • Movie: 3-Iron
  • Revised romanization: Bin-jip
  • Hangul: 빈집
  • Director: Kim Ki-Duk
  • Writer: Kim Ki-Duk
  • Producer: Michio Suzuki, Kang Young-Goo, Sung Young-Joo, Kim Ki-Duk
  • Cinematographer Jang Seung-Baek
  • Release Date: October 15, 2004
  • Runtime: 90 min.
  • Genre:' Drama
  • Distributor: Chungeorahm Film
  • Production Budget: US$ 1m
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea

    Empty House - 3 Iron Plot

    3-Iron tells the story of Tae Suk (Jae Hee) - a handsome young man, even with a university degree, but lives day by day by... breaking into other people's houses. Tae Suk's daily job is to put flyers on the doors of houses, if he comes back a few days later and the advertisement still hasn't been peeled off, it means the owner is away.

Just like that, Tae Suk "sleeps" from house to house while the owners are away. However, he only sleeps, occasionally eats food from the refrigerator, but never steals or damages anything in the house. On the contrary, as to "pay back" the landlords, Tae Suk often cleans, washes or repairs broken furniture in each house that he visits.

Until one day, Tae Suk broke into a house where the owner of the apartment was not away. It is the home of Sun Hwa, a beautiful but sad model because she has to live with an abusive husband. The strange sympathy between them began with understanding glances. In the end, Sun Hwa ran away from home with Tae Suk, they became a couple... sleeping under the hood, not just Tae Suk as usual.

But one day, Tae Suk and Sun Hwa broke into a house whose owner was an old man who died of lung cancer. Mistaken to kill the old man, Tae Suk is taken to prison and Sun Hwa has to return to her abusive husband... As originally said, 3-Iron is a film with few dialogues, in which the male lead Tae Suk does not say a word for the entire length of the film, the female lead Sun Hwa is "for" Kim Ki Duk to say 2 sentences , in which the most important sentence is "I love you! " for Tae Suk. The rest of the dialogue comes mainly from supporting actors: Sun Hwa's husband, corrupt police officers, some owners of broken-in houses... The film also doesn't build many situations. Dramatic, steady, slow movie tempo, with a little bit of emphasis just enough, but makes viewers unable to take their eyes off as well as can't... drowsy.

The love story of Tae Suk - Sun Hwa has something irresistible that surpasses all limits of ordinary conversations. There are stronger dialogues between them - a dialogue of the soul, expressed in the eyes they give each other, the gestures they give each other. It is also because there is no dialogue, Kim Ki Duk has set a challenge for his cast, which is to push emotional acting to the extreme, and every expression and movement must express emotions. , the character's thoughts.

Tae Suk, Sun Hwa and their wordless love blend into the quiet and lonely space of the city where they live. That city, which was already lonely when he followed Tae Suk to sleep in empty houses every day, was now even more lonely when he "admitted" to Sun Hwa.

This couple's journey of "sleeping" day in and day out, the way Tae Suk kills time with goal-playing and Sun Hwa quietly watching him, all say one thing that they are two people who are lost. forgotten world. They have nowhere to belong. They fill their lives in every home they enter. Their lives are such temporary patches, sent here today, tomorrow elsewhere. They are lonely and they find each other by their loneliness.

Empty House - 3 Iron Award

Best Screenplay - 2004 (24th) Critics Choice Awards - November

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