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Cosmic Sin (2021)


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Cosmic Sin (2021) Review


Cosmic Sin is a 2021 American sci-fi action film directed by Edward Drake and starring Bruce Willis and Frank Grillo.



In 2031, the first colony of Mars was founded. By 2042, the Alliance was formed, and quantum propulsion technology enables humanity to travel beyond the solar system. Unfortunately, the Mars colony failed in 2281 and the Alliance controlled all three colonies: Earth, Zafdie and Ellora. Zafdie tries to separate from the alliance in 2519; James Ford, The Blood General, drops a Q (uantum) -Bomb on the rebel colony, killing 70 million people. After learning of the horrific atrocity of what Ford has done, Dr Lea Goss (romantic partner) leaves him and he becomes dishonorable discharged from the military. In space, the Sigea are an invasive alien species that invades and conquers other worlds. They can infect and control their hosts in a parasitic way by forcing their victims to ingest a black fluid which turns the host into an agent of Sigea and operates with a beehive spirit.

Main story

In 2524, the Vander Mining Corp was stationed on planet 4217LYA (Heracles System) when Captain Judah Willow (Eva De Dominici) reported an alien encounter to the Alliance. On Earth, General Eron Ryle (Frank Grillo) receives the call from the alien contact and wants Dr. Goss and Ford to be briefed on the situation. At a local bar, Dash (Corey Large) was meeting Ford (Bruce Willis) for a job when civilians chose a fight with the Bloody General when Commander Marcus Bleck (Costas Mandylor) appeared. Bleck requested his presence but Ford refused; he relented when Bleck mentioned he would be reinstated. At McMillian Airfield, Dash accompanies Ford and meets Dr. Goss (Perrey Reeves) and Ryle about what happened in the Heracles system. Survivors of the Vander mining operation were sent to the airfield for a debriefing, but Goss voiced his concerns. The survivors were under Sigea's control and began to kill security. The soldiers fought back and won, but at the cost of 53 lives. What happened to Vander and their base was seen as an attack on humanity and the Alliance must retaliate; Operation: Cosmic Sin is a go. Ford, Ryle, Goss, Braxton, Bleck (Brandon Thomas Lee), Dash and Ardene (Adelaide Kane) travel to Ellora through a quantum leap gate to stop the Sigea.

Upon entering Ellora, Ryle's costume is damaged and presumed dead when he failed to do so with the team. Ford and Goss were separated from the group upon entry and Bleck was fatally injured shortly after rising to the surface. As the team struggled to take down their attackers, Elloran's survivors came to their aid. Sol Cantos (C.J. Perry) was escorting the survivors when she encountered the team. After verifying that they are human, they agreed to help them bring them to the orbital cannon to give Bleck treatment. At the Alliance Outpost, the surviving team learns how the Sigea infects and controls people. Ford went to the outpost to find Bleck dying; he euthanized Bleck to help him die more easily. In a meeting with all the surviving soldiers, they talk about their situation and plan to use the Q bomb they brought. Ardene believes that if they can get the Orbital Cannon to work again, they can launch the Q Bomb into space and shrink the front door to seal the Sigea once and for all. In space, Ryle was able to reach Ardene via coms. With him stuck in space, he volunteered to help detonate the front door to seal the Sigea.

The Sigea knows that the survivors hold the orbital cannon and converge on the outpost. Goss has been captured and infected; she is now an agent of Sigea. Goss gives them a chance to surrender, but they refused. The survivors with the soldiers make their last fight, to hold the outpost as long as possible so that Ardene fires the cannon. As the others push back the alien attackers, Ford latched onto a Sigea ship and followed Goss to the front door. Facing Goss, she said there would never be peace. Ford was pushed back towards Ellora as Goss walked through the door. At the cannon, Braxton found Ryle willing to sacrifice himself to close the door. Braxton held Ardene's hand as they fired the cannon and dropped the bomb. Ryle's self-destruct destroyed the front door and the Q Bomb passed through Segia's space and opened a black hole. The door closed behind the black hole, sealing and wiping out Segia's attack fleet. Back on Earth, Ford returns to the bar for a drink with Ellora's survivors. Dash, Ardene, Braxton, and Sol Cantos survived the battle and the Alliance celebrates their victory to keep the peace. Ford takes a picture and leaves the bar.


Bruce Willis as James Ford

Frank Grillo as Gen. Eron ryle

Brandon Thomas Lee as Braxton Ryle

Corey Large as Dash

Perrey Reeves as Dr. Lea Goss

C.J. Perry as Sol Cantos

Lochlyn Munro as Alex Locke

Costas Mandylor as Marcus Bleck

Adelaide Kane as Fiona Ardene

Eva De Dominici as Juda SaulE

Mark Rhynard as Alliance Soldier