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About the movie Cinema Bandi

Cinema Bandi is a 2021 Indian Telugu-language comedy-drama film written by Vasanth Maringanti and directed by debutant Praveen Kandregula. Produced by Raj Nidimoru and Krishna D.K., the film features several debutant actors. Set in a village near the Andhra–Karnataka border, the film revolves around a group of young filmmakers try to make a film through a camera they found. The film premiered on Netflix on 14 May 2021.


Veerababu, an autorikshaw driver, finds an expensive camera that was left in his auto. He initially tries to sell it or rent it out for money so that he could pay off the loan on his auto. However, after watching a TV program about lucrative low-budget films, he decides to make a film by himself using the camera. He picks up a love story given by an old man and teams up with his friend Ganapathi, who is a still photographer by profession. After a long hunt for the cast, they select a barber, Maridayya (who takes up the screen name Maridesh Babu), and a schoolgirl, Divya as their leads. They begin the shoot but face a struggle due to their inexperience and frequent interruptions from the fellow villagers. Soon after, Divya's marriage is forcefully arranged by her father, and she elopes with her boyfriend. Villagers blame Veerababu for it but he is adamant about continuing the shoot. They cast Manga, Maridesh's girlfriend as a replacement and restart filming.

Meanwhile, Sindhu, the woman who lost the camera is in pursuit to find it at any cost. She along with her friend enquires in the surrounding villages and photo studios about the missing camera. The shoot, on the other hand, is now going at a brisk pace with the villagers' support. While shooting from the top of a tree, the camera accidentally falls on the old man's head and breaks into pieces. The old man is hospitalized with severe injuries. Veerababu blames Ganapathi for the loss but to continue the shoot, the villagers decide to pool the amount for the camera's repair. Ganapathi gives the camera to a photo studio for repair, however, the studio owner informs Sindhu instead. She furiously takes away the camera from Ganapathi and leaves. Veerababu and others are in dismay that their film is halted.

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