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Break Through the Darkness (2021)


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About the movie Break Through the Darkness (2021)

Title: Break Through the Darkness

Chinese Title: 扫黑决战 / Sao Hei Jue Zhan

Release Date: January 15, 2021

Genre: Action, Crime, Suspense

Language: Mandarin

Director: Lu Yulai

Screenwriter: Fan Jing, Jiang Lihua, Li Jiaying, Yue Xiaojun

Production Company: iQIYI, Hengye Pictures, China Changan Chuban Chuanmei

Chief Producer: Huang Zhiming

Producer: Ya Ning

Origin: China A story that follows Song Yirui of the anti-crime task force who leads his team in conducting an in-depth investigation on a forced demolition case and breaks through layers of conspiracies to bring criminals to justice. Song Yirui (Jiang Wu) is the leader of a special police task force. Cao Zhiyuan (Zhang Songwen) is a county mayor with a multifaceted identity. The two become embroiled in a contest for power, money, desire and survival. As the team led by Song Yirui inches closer to the truth, the criminal mastermind repeatedly attempts to hinder their progress. However, the protective umbrella can only last so long and it can never truly block out the sun. Therefore, a decisive battle begins between light and dark.

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