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Believer is a South Korean action crime film co-written and directed by Lee Hae-young, released on May 22, 2018. It is a cover of Johnnie To's Hong Kong film Drug War, released in 2012. It is the latest film by actor Kim Joo-hyuk, who died in a car accident in October 2017.

It totaled more than 5 million entries at the 2018 South Korean box office.


Won-ho is a police detective who tries to take down Asia's largest drug syndicate run by a man named Lee. He went unseen and as a result many drug dealers impersonated him to engage in the illegal trade. One day, when Won-ho is approached by Oh Yeon-ok, who recently survived an explosion intended to kill her, Won-ho's group arrives at the location and finds a survivor. When he was hospitalized and tried to escape to find out the plight of his mother and dog, the police caught him and forced him to tell the truth. He is revealed to be Rak, a former member of Lee's gang. Won-ho takes him to his dog and reveals that his mother is dead, forcing Rak to cooperate with the police to avenge the boss responsible for his mother's death and bad condition. of his dog.

Rak and Won-ho arrange a meeting with Ha-rim, who impersonates Mr. Lee. While setting up a fake business with him, Won-ho learns his lines and ends up disguised as Ha-rim, posing as Mr. Lee as Rak arranges a reunion between him and Park. Sun-Chang, an aspiring criminal working with Mr. Lee. . Won-ho imitates Ha-rim and tricks Park Sun-Chang into believing he is Mr. Lee. However, Sun-Chang gives her his own medicine, and unable to refuse, Won-ho has to sniff it. The drug showed its side effects but his team saved it.

Won-ho and his team receive drug supplies from Ha-rim, and Rak gives them to two dumb drugmakers, Dong-Young and Joo-Young. While they are producing drugs, a new criminal named Director Brian walks in. Won-ho tracks him from afar and discovers Rak's true identity as the adopted child of a family.

Brian attacks Sun-chang for meeting him face-to-face, while Ha-rim's girlfriend, Bo-Ryung, arrives when Won-ho and Rak take the manufactured drugs away, kidnapping all of them. . They are taken to Ha-rim and a protracted fight ensues, resulting in Won-ho being wounded and Ha-rim killed by Rak, while one of Won-ho's party members is killed. in an explosion at a drug factory. Using drugs kills Bo-ryoung. Though disappointed with his member's death, Won-ho once again prepares his team to capture Brian, who he suspects is Mr. Lee. When they arrive at the location, Sun-chang takes Rak into a room, gagging to kill him. Fully convinced that Brian is just posing as Lee, Won-ho and his assistant argue with Brian and his henchmen. Won-ho's team arrives to catch the criminals, but when Rak kidnaps Brian, revealing only to be the real Mr. Lee, he severely injures him with the help of dumb friends after making him His condition is similar to that of his dog. . It is also revealed that Brian is responsible for the explosion that killed Rak's mother.

Wounded Won-ho searches both Rak and Brian, only to find the latter critically injured. He goes back to find Rak's missing dog. It is later revealed that Won-ho discovered that the dog's real name is Lieca, while trying to contact him. Rak faked his name as Jindo but named their potion after his dog. In the end, Won-ho tracks Rak with the GPS device he installed on Lieca and discovers he's alive with stupid drug dealers. When Won-ho fully knows Rak is Mr. Lee, who is now officially declared dead, the latter offers him coffee as the two sit down to drink, their guns on the table. Won-ho asks Rak if he's ever been happy in his life, before the camera leaves the house and a gunshot rings out.


Cho Jin-woong as Won-ho A detective of the Narcotic Unit

Ryu Jun-yeol as Seo Young-rak A low level drug dealer and a police informant

Kim Joo-hyuk as Jin Ha-rim A Chinese-Korean drug lord

Kim Sung-ryung as Oh Yeon-ok

Park Hae-joon as Seon-chang A henchman of Mr.Lee's Drug cartel and the superior of Rak

Cha Seung-won as Brian A director of an industrial company and secretly operates an illegal drug testing lab


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