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Batman: Soul of the Dragon (2021)


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Batman: Soul of the Dragon is a direct-to-video animated American superhero film produced by Warner Bros. Animation and DC Entertainment. It is the 40th film in the DC Universe Original Animated Movies line. The film is directed by Sam Liu and executive produced by Bruce Timm and features an original story that is not based on any comic. It stars David Giuntoli as Bruce Wayne / Batman, Mark Dacascos as Richard Dragon, Kelly Hu as Lady Shiva, Michael Jai White as Ben Turner / Bronze Tiger, James Hong as O-Sensei, Jamie Chung as Jade Nguyen and Josh Keaton as Jeffrey Burr.


In Bruce Wayne's younger years, while training to become a crime-fighting vigilante, he travels to Nanda Parbat, a secret monastery in the Himalayan region of the Hindu Kush, where he meets his caretaker, O-Sensei, and five other students training in martial arts: Shiva, Richard Dragon, Jade, Ben Turner and Rip Jagger. O-Sensei ends up entrusting Shiva with the Soulbreaker, a Muramasa sword that he has in his possession, but otherwise continues to keep the secret of a certain door on the outer perimeter of the monastery. One night, Rip penetrates the forbidden door and kills Jade with the Soul Breaker, which is the key to a mystical door that O-Sensei was guarding. This door opens to the home dimension of the serpent god Nāga; Four of his servants emerge and devour Rip before turning against O-Sensei and his students. Bruce and the others kill the demons, but to close the door, O-Sensei sacrifices himself by entering the realm of Nāga. The chamber collapses, leaving only the door intact.

Years later, Richard discovers that millionaire Jeffrey Burr, leader of a dangerous snake cult called Kobra, has taken over the door. Richard travels to Gotham City to ask Bruce for help, but they are attacked by a gang hired by the head of Burr's killers, Schlangenfaust. During this fight, Richard learns that Bruce is Batman and that Schlangenfaust is looking for the Soulbreaker. They head to Gotham Chinatown to report to Shiva, the resident crime lord, but the cultists attack them there, and Schlangenfaust takes advantage of the distraction to steal the sword. Needing help, the three recruit Ben, and together they track the sect to a heavily fortified island where the sect has taken the gate and is preparing to open it by sacrificing several kidnapped children to the Soulbreaker. They also learn from Ben that years ago he had tracked down Kobra after discovering that Rip was one of his members and that he learned that, due to a dark prophecy, Burr means to become the earthly avatar of Nāga.

Arriving by plane, Bruce (as Batman), Richard, Shiva, and Ben parachute down and penetrate Kobra's defenses through a set of catacombs. However, they meet Schlangenfaust, who is revealed to be one of Nāga's demonic servants. While Batman and Ben fight Schlangenfaust, Richard and Shiva prevent the sacrifice of the children and confront the members of the sect. Upon defeating his opponents, they corner Burr at the door, but Burr turns the Soulbreaker against himself, opening the door. Nāga emerges, having possessed O-Sensei's body, and quickly overwhelms the companions. Nāga reveals that Richard is the true host of his destined for him and tries to seduce him with promises of power, but Richard refuses and with some help from Batman, uses the Soulbreaker to banish O-Sensei by stabbing him.

Freed from Nāga's domain, O-Sensei says goodbye to his students before dying in his arms. To close the door forever, Batman enters Nāga's dimension wielding the Soulbreaker, but Richard, Shiva, and Ben willingly follow him. Once the door is closed, the four prepare for battle against Nāga and his horde of demons.


David Giuntoli as Bruce Wayne / Batman

Mark Dacascos as Richard Dragon

Kelly Hu as Lady Shiva. Hu previously voiced the character in the video game Batman: Arkham Origins.

Michael Jai White as Ben Turner / Bronze Tiger. White previously played the character on the CW television series Arrow.

James Hong as O-Sensei

Jamie Chung as Jade Nguyen

Josh Keaton as Jeffrey Burr

Chris Cox as Rip Jagger

Robin Atkin Downes as Schlangenfaust

Gray DeLisle as Lady Eve

Patrick Seitz as Sir Edmund Dorrance / King Snake

Eric Bauza as Ax Gang Leader

Erica Luttrell as Silver St. Cloud


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