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Batman and Robin (1997)


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Batman and Robin is a 1997 American film, directed by Joel Schumacher. The film is the fourth and final installment in the DC Comics Batman series of films, which was initiated by Tim Burton in 1989, being the continuation of Batman Forever (1995), with George Clooney replacing Val Kilmer in the lead role. The cast also includes Arnold Schwarzenegger, Uma Thurman, Chris O'Donnell and Alicia Silverstone. The film's story has Batman and his partner Robin struggling to keep their partnership together, eventually having the help of Batgirl, while trying to prevent Mr. Freeze (Mr. Cold in Brazil), Poison Ivy (Poison Ivy) and Bane from dominating Gotham City with ice and vegetation.

Development for Batman & Robin started immediately after Batman Forever, and Warner Bros. commissioned the film for a release in June 1997. Filming began in September 1996 and ended in January 1997, two weeks before the shooting schedule.

Batman & Robin was released on June 20, 1997, and received very negative reviews. Observers criticized the film for its light and camp approach reminiscent of the Batman television series, as well as homosexual innuendo. Despite debuting at the top of the box office and managing to recover its $ 238 million budget worldwide, it was the hero's least profitable film. Batman & Robin received 11 nominations at the 1997 Golden Raspberry ceremony, including one for Worst Film, and is often listed among the worst superhero films of all time. After that, Warner Bros. canceled the project for a sequel and the film series was reinitialized with the film Batman Begins (2005) by director Christopher Nolan.


Batman and Robin try to stop Mr. Freeze from stealing diamonds from the Gotham City Museum, but the villain escapes. The dynamic duo soon learns that Mr. Freeze used to be cryogenics scientist Victor Fries, who was trying to find a cure for his wife, Nora, who suffered from a terminal illness called MacGregor Syndrome. After a laboratory accident, Fries became dependent on a powerful suit that uses diamonds to keep his body in sub-zero temperatures.

In South America, Pamela Isley is working for Dr. Jason Woodrue, a mad scientist who is experimenting with a steroid substance called "Poison". She witnesses Woodrue use the formula to transform a diminutive convict into a monstrosity nicknamed "Bane". Woodrue and Isley discuss the use of the drug, and Woodrue drops a shelf with several toxins above it. Isley turns into the beautiful and seductive Poison Ivy before killing Woodrue with a kiss from her poisonous lips. She learns that Wayne Enterprises was financing Woodrue, so she and Bane go to Gotham.

Meanwhile, butler Alfred Pennyworth's niece, Barbara Wilson, makes a surprise visit and is invited by Bruce Wayne to stay at Wayne Mansion until she returns to school. Alfred also reveals that he is suffering from MacGregor Syndrome.

Poison Ivy interrupts Wayne Enterprises' press conference to propose a project that could help the environment. Bruce Wayne declines the offer, as it would kill millions of people. That night, a charity event aimed at attracting Mr. Freeze is held by Wayne Enterprises, with Batman and Robin on watch in place. Poison Ivy decides to seduce them, and Freeze breaks into the place to steal diamonds. He is captured and sent to a chamber prison at Arkham Asylum, but escapes with the help of Ivy and Bane.

Robin becomes in love with Ivy and begins to revolt against Batman. Ivy turns off Nora's life support, accusing Batman of having committed the action, to convince Freeze to try to destroy Gotham. Ivy then imprisons Robin when he doesn't give in to his charms, and also subdues Batman when he arrives to save his partner. Then Barbara, now dressed in a special Batgirl costume, appears and fights Ivy, eventually defeating her.

Batman, Robin and Batgirl decide to go after Freeze together. The moment they arrive at the place where Freeze and Bane are, Gotham is completely frozen. Robin and Batgirl face Bane and defeat him, while Batman and Freeze fight each other, with Batman winning. Batgirl and Robin thaw Gotham using satellites that reflect sunlight.

Batman then shows Freeze a recording of Ivy admitting that he killed Nora, while admitting that they restored his wife's life support so that Freeze can finish his research in Arkham. Batman asks Freeze for the cure he created for the first phase of MacGregor's Syndrome disease for Alfred; Freeze forgives Batman by giving him the medicine he had developed.

Ivy is arrested in Arkham with the vindictive Freeze as her cellmate, Alfred is finally healed, and Barbara is accepted as part of the crime fighter team.


Arnold Schwarzenegger como Dr. Victor Fries / Sr. Frio

George Clooney como Bruce Wayne / Batman

Chris O'Donnell como Dick Grayson / Robin

Uma Thurman como Pamela Isley / Hera Venenosa

Alicia Silverstone como Barbara Wilson / Batgirl

Michael Gough como Alfred Pennyworth

Pat Hingle como James Gordon

John Glover como Dr. Jason Woodrue


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