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A Frozen Flower (2008)


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The king of Cao Ly built his own guard consisting of 36 young warriors.

In which the head is General Hong Lim. Hong Lim and the king from a young age danced and played together, so a same-sex love arose between the two.

However, because of diplomatic relations, the king agreed to marry the princess of the Nguyen Dynasty as his wife. Although they have been married for a long time, the king and queen have not yet moved because the king cannot have sexual relations with women.

The only person he slept with was Hong Lim. At that moment, the Nguyen court and the princes both pressed the king to give birth, otherwise they would set up his cousin to the throne. The king decided to give a strange order that was to order his lover Hong Lim to have sex with the queen so that she could become pregnant. They have 3 nights to fulfill the king's request.

On the first night, both the Queen and Hong Lim felt shy and could not obey the king's orders. The king immediately tried to persuade Hong Lim and they completed the task well in the remaining two nights. However, the queen was not pregnant and she fell ill. Hong Lim sneaks into the king and brings honey tea to help her reduce fever.

The king knew the story and he pretended to ask to try Hong Lim but he refused. The king decided to stop everything. When Hong Lim goes out on a mission, he feels confused about his feelings as he cannot forget the queen and feel sorry for the king. Hong Lim bought the Queen a scented bag, and she wore it during the royal blessing ceremony as a confirmation of her love for Hong Lim.

Also at that party, two people secretly met in the library. The king found out about everything, Hong Lim asked the queen to leave him and begged the king for forgiveness. The king decided to let Hong Lim go to the frontiers so that he would forget the queen. On the last night the queen's maid came to find Hong Lim and told him to go see the queen at the library. The Queen Dowager informed him that she was pregnant. When the king came to the library he found they were having sex. When he arrested the two of them, they asked to die for each other. Hong Lim now confessed that he loved the queen. In jealousy the king ordered Hong Lim to be castrated and imprisoned but friends saved Hong Lim. When he realized that the queen did not run away with him, he returned to the palace, but half the way he stopped knowing he could not bring happiness to the queen. When he returned to his hideout, his friends were arrested. The king ordered to kill everyone who knew everything so that the children of Hong Lim and the queen could become king.

He hung their heads outside the city gate. Hong Lim saw the head of a woman wearing an aromatic bag so he thought it was the queen, but in fact it was the head of the maid and the queen was still alive. Hong Lim enters the palace to avenge the queen and he and the king have a battle the king stabs Hong Lim and asks if he loves him? Hong Lim replied no. The king was shocked and while his loophole Hong Lim stabbed him to death, a bodyguard cut him on the shoulder. The Queen appeared and called out Hong Lim's name. He turned to look at the queen, amazed and happy that she was alive, but he was dying so he could only look at her being dragged away. Then Hong Lim turned to look at the king, and kept on staring until his life faded away. Both people died, leading to the fall of the Cao Ly dynasty.


  • Jo In Sung as Hong Lim
  • Ju Jin Mo as the king
  • Song Ji Hyo as the queen
  • Shim Ji Ho as Seung Gi
  • Im Ju Hwan as Han Baek
  • Ye Wook hwan as Im Bo
  • Song Joong Ki as No Tak
  • Jang Ji Won as Bo Meok
  • Kim Choon Gi as Hwang Nae Kwan
  • Lee Jong Goo as Tae Sa
  • Kwon Tae Won as Jo Il Moon
  • Do Young Goo as Gi Won Hong
  • No Min Woo as Min Woo
  • Do Ye Seong as Choi Kwan
  • Hong Jong Hyun as Geon Ryong-wie


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